Reality is a lot of things and not all of them sparkle, but this is my space and if I want it to sparkle, it will.

I am Captain Nina, the inventor of the movement EF, the name is not important- it could be anything. The important thing is the goal: to end all suffering, to achieve peace on Earth, to use EF to support science and various charities, so that those who have fallen behind can get an education, so that plant species and animal species that are now threatened can be allowed to develop for thousands, upon thousands of years. For the collective focus of the human race to broaden so that energy that is now lost could be directed in a more useful way. In order to achieve a prolonged life in "paradise" on Earth or in other words Utopia.

I'm a norwegian philosophy student at one of the leading universities in Norway (UiO), writer and model with the agency Team Models. My current plan is to go on to study something called International studies next year to enable me to work in any humanitarian organization, like FN for example. My goal with this website is to inspire others to lead a balanced and good life. Something I myself struggle with from time to time as I went through hell to get here.

Enjoy my little space.


Captain Nina

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