My name is Nina Titternes and I'm a philosophy student at the University of Agder (UiA) and the University of Oslo (UiO). I enjoy writing and philosophy.

I'm a freethinker. I believe in the scientific method and I support science. I'm still learning and I'm not perfect, but it's important to me to do my best in life in order to be a good person, so what I say and do or how I may influence people matters to me. I'm a member of Effective Altruism. I'm interested in transhumanism, the future, Utopia, humanitarianism and the preservation of Earth and of the different species on Earth.

Consider this, it could be that consciousness, no matter how it develops, is unique. Or even that life as we know it is unique and that it exists only on planet Earth. We have a duty to protect that life either way. To preserve the species on Earth, Earth itself and ourselves. It's time for us to grow up and to accept that responsibility.

I experienced abuse while I was growing up and it affected my health both mentally and physically which interrupted my education, then I experienced abuse again as an adult, but today I'm living with my boyfriend, studying at uni and well, I'm moving on with my life.


I've been trying to transition over to a plantbased diet for a long time, with an intolerance to most legumes like soya, chickpeas, beans and lentils and with a tendency to restrict my food intake which I'm also trying to change. Now I'm a vegetarian that opts for vegan food as much as possible.

Memories from my past, either embarrasing ones from being ill or frightening ones from truma still affect me so that I'm more introverted than I used to be, but I guess I pass for normal, and I can always express myself through writing at any rate.

I wrote a book in norwegian, it's availeble on this website and you're welcome to read it.



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