Reality is a lot of things and not all of them sparkle, but this is my space and if I want it to sparkle, it will.

My name is Nina and I'm a student at the university of Oslo (UiO), a philosopher, writer and creative spirit. I'm also a model with the agency Team Models. 


I'm a panpsychist, humanist and transhumanist which means that I intend to become a half-robot, half-human if I can achieve it within my lifetime, hence achieve a prolonged life in Utopia. 

I try to lead a balanced life and I like using vintage. I'm a very open person and when I write I'm often driven by this stream of consciousness flowing freely and directly from my heart. My worldview keeps developing and so does my writing as I want to get to the core of things. Truth is much more important to me than social norms, but truth in itself is a complicated concept. The more I learn, the more I understand how little I actually know.


Nina Titternes

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