My birthday is over and I bought myself this jacket secondhand (technically thirdhand) that's very special to me because it was literally unobtainable when I was a younger. It's the very same jacket that used to belong to Eirin Kristiansen and by that I don't just mean the same model, but the very same jacket. This used to hang in her closet, she's touched it and worn it and I remember so clearly how I was looking at it through a screen all those years ago. How I was feeling sad because I grew up getting my clothes secondhand believing that omething as stylish as that could never wind up in my closet. Now it's here and I got it, secondhand. It's so ironic, but in a good way!

Finally, I got myself a huge unicorn to keep Tjommi company because I'm single and I wanted it and I don't need a man to take care of me. Mmm-hmm.

😍 😍 😍