Flowers are such a nice way to brighten up your home. These tulips were a gift from my director, We had arranged to meet at a cafe in the city today. A gift like this one is always appreciated and especially when it's unexpected.

That's the princess dress in the background, btw. It's hanging there all ready and set for a trip to the tailor. Christmas is closing in, but other less trivial priorities have had to come first. I'm sure you can relate! The bills need to get payed and gifts need to be purchased, but taking this dress to the tailor before Christmas won't be too expensive. If you happen to have some garment hanging around somewhere that would be perfect if it would only fit right. Wearing clothes that fit you perfectly is a clever way to look more attractive.

Another priority that's been waiting in line is to go vegan again. Then I came across an article about the climate crisis in the newspaper yesterday, maybe some of you read it? It was in Aftenposten and it was quite an alarming read, but it gave me the push that I needed.

This is yet another example of a super-easy vegan meal. Vegetable nuggets that are 90% vegetables and legumen, a red lentil and carrot mix and some avocado in stead of dressing.