I got up really early again and grabbed a soy latte macchiato from Starbucks before heading over to the shoot, but I wouldn´t have needed it. Because when I entered the room, there was fruit, chocolate, candy, soda and all sorts layed out on a table. None of the models ate any of it though, except for me. It made me laugh, but the stylists were the ones who needed to keep their energy up. All I had to do was sit in a chair with those signature lightbulbs and a mirror in front of me. While everyone else fussed over my hair, makeup, nails and even the skin on my arms, hands and chest.

During this shoot, the main focus was on the makeup and hair. I had a lot of fun. I love fashion and the look that the stylists gave me has been all over the fashion world lately. Edgy is the word. My eyeshadow an intensely pigmented color and my hair this 70´s-80´s style with waves and loads of volume. The stylists didn´t put any makeup on my skin, sticking to some creams from Skinfood, telling me I had beautiful skin and freckles. I simply answered, thank you and I felt really happy. Everyone was so nice to me and I had a lot of fun. I can actually take a compliment, I feel confident and I only hope that I did well during the shoot. That I managed to look "edgy" in the photo´s so that they stylists are happy with the result. What do you think? Did I get it right?

The photographer is Mari Torvanger Knap and can be followed on Instagram as maritorvangerknap

Makeup was done by Marthe Horrigmoe and Emilie Eline Solhaug and they can be followed on Instagram as martheehorrigmoe and makeupemilieeline

The shoot was done in cooperation with Imageakademiet and Heartbreak.

Thank you all for this day, it was a good time all around!