Astrophysics (edited)

(Note, I also updated the shopping list in the previous post because I wanted most of the dresses to be in better quality and I found the perfect store with dresses that were even more unique. And more expensive...)

I can tell that people didn't like it when I discovered an easy way to edit the hair and makeup in my photos digitally. It was just something fun that I was experimenting with and I thought that being open about it was a good idea, but I might post some video's, short clips etc, maybe try out tiktok or something now to make up for it. In addition to the photoshoots, because they're still on. But maybe I'll get a wig to go with my new lolita kawaii look in stead? That way everyone's happy.

Editing the hair is a more ethical approach than extensions and my natural hair is so much better now that I really want to avoid extensions if I can. I don't want to waste all the hard work that I've put down at Gevir and at home this past year. Either way, if I edit my photo's I'll only ever edit the hair or the makeup. It's still me, don't worry and I'm hoping that if I try tiktok or something, that you'll feel more assured again. Twitch was fun too and much more social so I wouldn't mind making some video's on Twitch again, but I could use a better camera first.

Maybe wearing a wig would be a bit strange, but I'm not too worried. I'm not running this website all seriously, it's mostly for fun and anyway, a wig would be great for my natural hair. I feel like being more individualistic and showing off my creative side is becoming easier than it used to be. Getting into uni was the best thing that could have happened to me, nor does it hurt having the best boyfriend ever, who allows me to be myself.

As promised, this is my stuffed panda Kiki. Hopefully with many more stuffed animals to come if I can manage to look after this one. I already got my eye on a really cute one! Maybe you were expecting something huge? Naw, Kiki is small so I've got to look carefully after her, you see.

This was while having a quick espresso at this new place at Steen & Strøm, my favourite mall.

The underwear department was shut down, maybe because of the pandemic. It's a shame because it was my favourite, but there are other good places too, especially online and with the pandemic, trying on clothes probably wouldn't have been an option anyway.

Got some studysnacks in stead + curry and something from a website.

I got the subject that I wanted most btw, astrophysics. This is the book. It's supposed to be a really nice book and so far I agree.

I've been making some promises lately and I will follow them all through in due time so to summarize so that I don't leave anything out:

Photoshoots, maybe videos, show you the lolita kawaii clothes when they arrive and of course my collar. Some of this will have to wait, maybe even until march. I only just got back to school and I have some stuff to do atm. Also, it's because some clothes and essentials will have to be delivered by mail from Japan.

Got to study.

Be good,