Back to the drawing board

What is the truth? Who can say that they are actually in possession of the actual truth? No one can, not with certainty. There are things that we should be more certain of in order to survive and to function in society, but we can't actually trust eachother besides through choice. We can't trust eachother because no one can be in possession of the actual truth and because we can't know what other people perceive as their "truth". Still, many of us trust all sorts of supposed truths through choice without being critical and this is causing damage. The truth can also be very different in different places of the world. Far from the human species connecting better regardless of borders since the invention of social media, will we carry on drifting further apart and furthermore, is this really such a bad thing?

We should always aim to minimize suffering (this could also minimize the threat of conflict) but there might be limits as to what we can do. I am not oblivious to for instance, the dictators of this world, to the fact that even if the common middle class from upstanding countries did share more with the less fortunate, there would still be members of an upper class fiddling with the strings of marionettes. Clutching on tightly to that hold on, not only money, but also their power. The world isn't fair and it's very hard to do something about that.

The diffrences in the world might never be evened out, but we are still moving forward. Those who have suffered the most suffer less now than before and likewise the good aspects of the world only keep getting better.

Regarding truth, this is an issue in itself. Far too many of us care about our own truths and our own truths only and jump to conclusions without bothering to make sure of anything at all. You could say that mankind has both been coming together and drifting further apart at the same time and with all of this technological and other progress looming, might we even segregate into different species as our delegated time here in the universe might be allowed to go on? By looking at evolution in itself, at history and at where we stand right now, I find this segregation of homo sapiens into new species as a much, much more likely scenario than the scenario where we all lay down all of our weapons and our greed in an attempt to share eaqually.

None of this is to say that we won't make it to Utopia, but regarding peace, I don't think that anyone could make any predictions at all. Personally I believe that world peace and evening out the differences in the world could be possible, but I do not believe that it is possible in the here and now with some of the important figures that we see in the world today or as with the example of the most greedy of those belonging to the upper class being in possession of as much power as they are at precent. Some filthy rich people use their powers for good, such as Elon Musk with his SpaceX, Neuralink and more (I can't believe I didn't know this he's actually married to Grimes!), but others (and of course also major companies) are like blind and ever starving beasts.

If I ever became filthy rich I'd start up with Utopia designs (I've written about this earlier) and definitely support corporations like Neuralink. I'd also invest in my own version of a Neuralink company and cooperate with those willing. In fact, once you exist for more than the need to satisfy your own desires/or if your desires could benefit others and not only yourself I don't see an attempt at becoming rich as a bad thing. Because money equals power and if you want to influence the world, you'll be much better off if you're in possession of money. I believe that this kind of attempt (Utopia designs etc) at doing some good for the world can potentially be very effective as opposed to my previous suggestion alone (EF), but to minimize the suffering in the world might be all we will ever be able to do.

Utter peace, is it even possible? Maybe not as long as we remain human, because what is a human, really? Our awareness of the answer to that question varies and maybe the nature of humans in themselves also vary more than we know, but maybe we could still live peacefully together despite the fact that there are so many of us. In the future, if we change in a more fundamental way? I'm not going to let go of the dream at any rate. Just as I will cling to the Big bounce theory or any other theory that might ensure that life/or free energy can continue to exist for all eternity, until otherwise proven.

Clearly this world it isn't fair. With all of our inventions, including the invention of the illusion that money actually has worth, survival of the fittest still holds strong. We're just not running around in the savannah anymore. Some aspects of this world are absurd because of this, like the fact that some humans can earn a lot more money through certain professions regardless of whether or not someone else is working twice the amount of hours with a job involving backbreaking work. Some professions are of course more special than others, I'm not ignorant of the fact that becoming a surgeon requiers many years of eduction, but once we venture out of more balanced countries like Norway, divisions of salaries become more and more extreme and who is in charge of deciding over this unfair division? Undoubtedly, someone with money.

Money makes the world go round. Or in other words, our will to live. I'm not opposed to desire, in fact I thrive on it. Have you ever seen me and Emma at parties together, with pupils as black as the night? My thirst for life seems never to be quenched and maybe that's why I've been so set on achieving a prolonged life ever since I can remember, but there are other desires as well. Calmer ones. Growing older has taught me more about that. Like the pleasure one get's from acquiring new knowledge and the thrill of succeeding at something when you've worked hard to improve on your skills, but I worry (and I'm not alone in this) that many, many humans are forgetting about pleasures like these. Turning too far away from truths and knowledge that can create. Mostly I worry about the man on the street. Because the man on the street, living under ideal conditions, he should know better! I'll mention it again, because it's such a relevant problem in our world today. This was one of the first things that was taught to me when I started at the university:

You don’t understand what you’re a part of. When you’re uncritically clicking on some link, disliking some piece of news material because it provoked you for example, without being aware of the source. You don’t understand the amount of fake news that are out on social media. News created with only one intention, to earn likes, to earn clicks, to earn money.

Social media has become a casino because the technology developed too quickly for there to be established any laws relating to social media. Everything is about money, because enough likes or clicks will lead indirectly to money, but the other side to this. The other possibility that most people don’t care about is when we use this platform that we have created to drive mankind forward. Because any knowledge that we could possibly desire is at the tip of our fingertips, but does the man on the street care? Does he bother to make sure that an article for example that actually did spike his interest is based on the truth and not, as is so often the case, on lies?

The problem of actual truth is complicated. We don't live in the same worlds. We perceive the same world, presumeably, but going through life we each have different experiences of different perceptions within that world which leads to different conclusions of what that one world is actually like. It's obvious and yet, important to remember that we are all walking around in different worlds. Because how could someone who grew up with abuse or amidst the terror of a country in constant conflict or in poverty for instance, be sharing the same impression of the world as say, a perfect little girl who grew up in designer dresses, dancing ballet and studying hard. Knowing since day one that she'd wind up at Harvard university, just like her parents? What we choose to believe might be where we make or break our connections with other human beings.

Science is essential for my view of the world and the universe in every way and I assume that it’s our best tool for understanding reality, but philosophy has taught me about being humble and not in the way I had expected. I have a wider understanding of just how many people we are on Earth with different views, knowledge, backgrounds and ideas. Not only relating to what is right or wrong, but also relating to much smaller concerns, such as individual words. Not because we can’t understand the words, but because we put different things into them because we have lived different lives. Where do we come from? Why does the universe exist? What does it mean to be a human? These are questions we all ask ourselves and when I look at the universe and at how it behaves by turning to physics and other sciences I could answer these questions in a way that would correspond with religion if I wanted to and hence define the word "God" for example in my own way. Questions like, what came before the Big bang? Causality and the possibility of the universe being eternal, the fact that we are all put together by atoms and what used to be stardust and knowing how these atoms will go back to the universe when we die, this can all correspond with religion if one perceives the word God as everything, as the universe or as the cause for all life. Hence the word God is now defined in a scientific way. We define all the words we use when speaking to eachother individually and they are understood in similar terms, but not in equal terms. We also define our own truths, so that begs the question, how much are we actually in agreement on?

Paradoxially, the fact that humans are free and separated in this way is both the reason why we are moving forward and also the thing that is holding us back. Because one brain couldn’t possibly achieve all the progress alone, we need many brains to come up with different ideas so that the best ideas can come to cooperate. So since we don’t know which ideas are going to win out over the others, it’s best to listen to many contributions. No matter how damaging some of them might be. Fingers crossed, we’ll get there eventually, because we can't just go on and kill those we are in a major disagreement with for example. Even when another perspective can seem downright frightening. Only in self defence are such measures acceptable.

I feel better now, more relaxed, because although I know that my worldview is limited, imperfect and constantly developing, I am more accepting of the fact that things are the way that they are because it is natural. Everything, absolutely everything comes from the universe, including you and me and I must strive to be the best version of myself, but placing the burden of the whole world upon my shoulders isn't necessary because, to put it in a visual sense. We can imagine the world as a living creature in itself, one that will constantly be changing because of a course of nature just as animals and plants change. Our actions matter, but we are going to move in some direction or other regardless and whether the outcome will be good or bad is impossible to predict. Everyone sharing eacually and coming together and all of that, might even be a bad thing. Conflict etc, often leads to good outcomes and sometimes an action based on good intentions can lead to a bad outcome. The point is, we can't know. We can't predict the future, but thinking about it, both about the future and the past, by studying it, might enable us to understand our present time better which might again lead to good consequenses. Likeweise, philosophy regarding ethics is a branch of philosophy that'still valid when we look at contemporary problems or situations in this way.

By having my acceptance of the fact that things are the way that they are because it is natural reinforced, I am once again reminded that anything can happen. Both grotesque horrors and blissfully happy incidents can happen and so, I am reminded to be grateful for the fact that things could in fact be worse and that they are as good as they are.

We are only human and it is human to dream. We dream of beauty and of a better world and we want this world full of luxury and dazzling new inventions. Deep down, I think we all want it for everyone and not only for a select few, but we can’t blame for instance the fashion industry or ourselves for reaching for what we experience as good. It’s a part of our survival instincts. We want to belong to the herd. We want to feel safe. We want beauty and comfort and youth. If we didn’t have these dreams, we wouldn’t be moving forward at all and it’s sad that we can’t move forward by dealing with the most acute issues first, but that doesn’t mean we won’t get to Utopia in the end and it doesn’t mean that efforts, such as my philosophy on ethics, is useless. Even as I attempt to secure myself the best possible economy I'm still going to follow the movement that I created, EF, but I'm not as naive as I might seem to be at times. When I do what I perceive as right it's often out of principles and not because I believe that my actions will actually make a difference. Going into moral and ethics can seem simple at first, but no matter how well I present my view, it’s always going to be so much more complicated when it comes down to it and even though I still hold on to my principles, it doesn’t mean that I don’t understand that this is a complicated thing that I’ve been working on.

As a balanced human my aim is not to go 100% in one direction, it’s not about becoming a Buddha who’s rid himself of every possession and desire, because we are human. If I gave up everything in order to save other people I would be a weak human because I would be endangering myself, but there is a balance somewhere. A balance where it’s possible to enjoy beautiful things like fashion without closing our eyes to cruelty. One where we use our powers, such as money for example, for good.

I still think that this is the perfect timing to really use vintage as a tool to enable ourselves to share more and also in order to protect the planet. Either that or find new and creative ways to bring new life to something we already own. That doesn’t mean we can’t ever buy new things. Clothes and material possessions in general are after all consumables, but we shouldn’t throw them carelessly away before their time either.

When it comes down to it, EF might be more of a fashion statement than anything (and an extremely contemporary one at that) because by looking at all kinds of issues like the ones we've been looking at now, is there any wonder that people are pessimistic and reluctant to believe?

I am probably no different. I will as ever be honest with you. If someone handed me the chip-ticket to transhumanism and I could get it before everybody else by yielding to my human desires even if it meant being like one of those filthy rich members of the upper class that don't contribute to the world in any good way, but who fiddle with the strings of marionettes, I would take it. There are obviously limits that I wouldn't cross, but I am human and I state it freely. I reckon that most people can be bought if the price is high enough and that's another problem in itself. We all know this, so how can we trust eachother? Even someone who seems to be doing a lot of good? I know myself, I know my desires, my dreams... I know that I'm a good and balanced person with both noble intentions and intentions that turn in my own favor and that amidst all of this I am in no way a weak human. The trouble is, I can know all of these things about myself, but I can't know anything for certain about anybody else and no one can know anything for certain about me. We can only observe eachother and the world around us and draw conclusions based on these observations. Most of us are probably only doing what we think is best.


Nina Titternes