My apartment is clean and so am I and it's the best feeling. I haven't really found the time to clean before now and I must have been too tired to type properly. So from now on, when life get's too hectic, I'll refrain from posting anything rather than publishing content that isn't really up to my standards. I think that's better. To wait for something that's good, rather than getting more of something that isn't as good. I took these pictures before having a shower and I'd been out at sea again today so I just wanted to show you. This is what real beach hair looks like!

This morning was so nice, we were just sitting on the roof of the boat bathing in the sunlight having coffee because all the prep work was done and I was giddy from lack of sleep. I got to know the Captain better and he's so cool. He's travelled the world on the ocean twice and he has these tattoos, one merman, a mermaid and the equator. He's young and I like his vibe. I used to dream of doing something like that when I was younger, but he's actually gone ahead and done it. I heard stories about him before I'd even met him.

The photoshoot is on Tuesday, time seems to be speeding up! It's for swimwear (ironically) amongst other things, so I'll be on one of the islands in Oslofjorden, I'll be bathing a little for it which is fun. This shoot is something I've never done before! I'm afraid I'll be too "fat", all that catering food. I got an entire cake today. Seriously a whole cake. I told myself after last time that I wasn't going to bring any more food home with me, because I simply don't have the space, but I mean it's a cake and it's Saturday and we even made tips today. I've earned it.

I can put most of it in the freezer and have some salad tonight, then after the shoot I can take some cake out again if I want to. The salad is really good too, it's got mango in it. I'll just have a little bit of cake and a lot of salad. That will be alright. I'll have to go straight from the beach to theatre practice. I don't really know how that's going to work out, but I'm sure it will. I'll show you the photo's when I get them after the shoot. I've done that the other times and I like sharing from photoshoots. I'm excited and I hope you are too.