Bread and circuses

I've been feeling down, but now I'm feeling better. It's because of friendship and I feel very lucky. Today I just wanted to share some tips and a friend is also who introduced me to most of this content, so I won't take credit for discovering this all on my own, but it's good so I just wanted to share it. Whether we're depressed or not, how we begin our day can have an impact on how we feel for the rest of the day and if we've developed some bad habits that can actually impact our entire lives. First things first, actually getting out of bed at a decent time, getting enough sleep and taking care of our general health, all of that is of course very important, but then what?

My impression is that a lot of people jump straight to social media to keep themselves up to date and while apps such as Instagram offer aesthetic beauty and sometimes even art, spending too much time obsessing over these impressions is destructive because it doesn't offer any substance. It doesn't offer any new source of information. In todays society all kinds of impressions, information, knowledge and bullshit lies available to us at the flick of a switch or the press of a button. This should be a good thing. If all knowledge is constantly available to us we should be very intelligent by now, but we're slowly starting to forget that achieving something that's truly good doesn't always come for free. Just looking at pretty pictures doesn't demand any effort from us. It's easy, but reading about something scientific might demand a little bit more concentration and so humans are often shifting their focus over to entertainment that doesn't demand anything at all. Forgetting to be critical. Forgetting even about democracy and that in each individual lies not only a responsibility to help shape the world, but to understand in which direction we're actually taking it. Through every opinion, choice and action there's a consequence and do people understand the actual consequence of their opinions, choices and actions or are they basing their decisions on false assumptions?

Back in the day influencers would talk about how they liked to begin their day, it was simple and my guide to a happy morning isn't going to demand tons of effort from you, but it's going to be productive in stead of destructive. It's probably going to make you feel happy. So, this is my favourite thread, I'm sharing it with you because it's so simple to scroll through, just like an Instagram feed. It's like a science feed, with different posts/news relating to physics, biology, pshychology, neuroscience, economy, social science, engeneering, health, medicine and so on. It's so easy to understand all the posts, you don't have to understand physics, mathematics or anything like that on an academic level to understand this and if something catches your interest and you want to read more about it you can press on the post.

NB! There's an app for this, just download Reddit.

All of these people are working every day to try and guide our planet toward Utopia and the avarage citizen can either help out, by taking just a moment to paint a picture in order to be supportive or, ignorantly, keep holding us back.

Another thing you can do, that I need to work more on, is to listen to or read the news. I'm 26 years old and I STILL don't understand our different political parties enough to deliver a vote properly. That's absolutely abhorrent and I'm not the only one. Basing a vote on an impression is not enough unless the impression is correct. I'm working on it now and it's not necessary to own a television to stay up to date, I never watch television. I stopped watching television about seven years ago because anything that wasn't news-related was turning more and more stupid and even repugnant. I filled the empty space with literature for a long time, but I slowly came to realize that I could fill that empty space with knowledge and not just such things as literature or art. Literature makes me feel comforted, it's pleasant and safe, but I wasn't being properly stimulated. I feel more liberated now than I used to. The pursuit of knowledge is rewarding in a wholesome way, but following the news can make anyone feel upset and even frightened at times. I'm delicate and even more so in the past, but shutting my eyes to cruelty is cruel. Keeping up to date is our responsibility and trying is the least I can do. Podcasts can be a good alternative. Like the BBC Global News Podcast.

Or the norwegian news channel Dagsnytt 18

There are many educational podcasts too. I know it's basic, but I'll also mention that if you live in Norway and you don't own a television either, that watching NRK TV through a laptop for example is a good alternative. This channel is about politics

I'm probably not the only one who finds these two things a bit demanding, following the news and working to understand politics properly, but the pursuit of knowledge in general really can be a lot of fun! Your learning is in your own hands and you can begin at exactly the point where you're located intellectually. With any subject you can possibly desire. School is different, you're expected to keep up and to learn about subjects that have been decided for you and we're all different, so of course that's bound to present a challenge. There is never any shame in not being able to understand some kind of fact, the shame lies in not attempting to understand it. I'm never going to be a mathematician, that doesn't mean I can't go back to some point in my education and learn a simple math problem, read an article about science or read about human history, philosophy or any other subject that might interest me. I can go back to the level of a second grade student if I have to and build my way up. Read information that's been simplified so as to enable avarage people to understand it, as with the reddit thread or science magazines. Wikipedia, the library, youtube, the internet in general, it's all there. Just remember to be critical of your sources. This is a science magazine for you:

I shouldn't keep these tips secret because they're helping me to become a more productive and happy human and we can all get to experience that.

I hope my most low point is over now. I hope that I'll get to go to school (I know, I know, I keep harping about it) but there are times when all I can do is to hold on for a better day. Today I feel as though my faith in humanity is restored, at least for the moment. I'm not alone. There are thousands more like me out there, trying to work towards Utopia and who knows? We might make it there!


Captain Nina