This breakfast is so, so yummy I promise! It's actually not a chocolate spread in that sense, it's this cream cheese from Philadelphia and it's light and pleasant. In stead of being based on 80-90 percent of unhealthy oil/fat it's based on milk and yes, it has some sugar in it, but it's still so much better for you if you need to kill that chocolate craving. Together with the peanutbutter, the banana and the toasted whole-grain bread this breakfast is sweet, salty, crunchy and gooey all at the same time. You get your fibre down, some protein, some fat that isn't all too bad for you and energy. If you want to be extra healthy you can also exchange the peanutbutter for almondbutter!

Coffee is a must. This also goes really well with soymilk or regular milk.

Hope this was inspiring!

Hugs & Kisses,