I brought my camera yesterday because I planned on taking some pictures of my own in between during the shoot, but there was no in between. I arrived at the train station at 07:30 am where I got to say hello to the first photographer. I got myself not one, but two huge soy lattes at Starbucks during those thirty minutes before the train left, feeling groggy from a very nervous night. I got on the train, I got off the train and BAM, we were off.

Either the coffees kicked in or adrenalin or something, because I suddenly felt wide awake. Those eight hours flew by as if they were two hours, tops! I forgot everything and everyone else, almost. I got so lost in what we were doing, in the artistic aspect and every second there was something new. I loved working with all of them, the stylists, the photographers, the people behind the scenes. I didn´t even feel nervous anymore, I was having too much fun.

When I got home I immediately got a message from one of the photographers telling me that the pictures were amazing and that I was easy to work with. I´ll probably get the pictures by the end of next week, but I had a look at some of them already. If I could I´d carry on with this forever.