We arrived at the hotel and I was really nervous in a good way. I'm still high and it's been like this since this morning, so I'm not sure how to land myself before tomorrow. I wouldn't say that everything went without a hitch, I even had to improvise a little bit, but everybody else said that no one noticed, so I guess it must have been fine. I was playing the part of a princess today, I don't think I mentioned that before I left this morning. It's one of the main roles in a play we performed last winter. We'll be holding three more additional performances of this fairytale again at Sentralen stage on the 23, 24 and the 26 of November and after that, we're supposed to be completely done with it. If you want to see it, it's called "Magiske Historier". It's for children, but adults who came to see our show last winter told us that they thoroughly enjoyed it.

When we arrived there was good coffee and so many yummy treats to eat. I've had so many sweets and cakes and cookies that I'm still high on sugar on top of everything else.

This cake actually served as my breakfast, I got so busy writing that other blog post this morning that I completely forgot to eat.

We went to eat afterwards and the waitor poured our drinks, it was all really nice and the food was delicious. I wish that everyday was all creative work and new impressions and that I could make a living by doing what I love, but alas! Now I'm going to take a long, hot shower and wash off all this heavy makeup.