I've been working with photographers Cherry Laithang and Lise Nymark , but all of these photo's are by Cherry Laithang, she's a really talented photographer and you can follow her on Instagram as laich09

The makeup and hair was done by the talented Kulsoom. We were cooperating with Nordic photo, Imageakademiet and of course my agency, Heartbreak. I hope I haven't left anyone out.

This has been one of my favourite shoots ever, because I felt like I was just having a blast, playing dressup with a friend and because this look was pushing me way out of my comfort zone and then to see the final result and to see that it turned out so amazing! It's super fun. I absolutely love her photo's. These are only some of them, my favourites, I think they're the coolest.

That's it for this time. This photographer said she would like to work with me again and I would love to so that's great! Plus, I get to add these to my portfolio, so who know's, maybe there will be even more photoshoots in the future? I hope so, because I had f-u-n!