This is me, before I turn into a princess in a story that mostly resembles Cinderella. This is the play we performed one year ago at Sentralen, but we were asked to come back to do four additional performances. I've been very busy with this lately and now it's over. I don't know where to go from here. I've got many reasons to be happy, but the past years have been painful and I'm not untouched by it. There have been two separate law suits against someone who abused me. The Police believed in me, but in the end I lost due to lack of evidence and also because someone close to me lied during the hearing. So in effect I also lost my family. I lost my boyfriend, the Lion because I was suicidal and he couldn't live with the possibility of losing me. I felt like, by losing him, I had died anyway and sometimes I still feel that way. I lost my job as a security guard in Nokas, they really wanted me to stay and I got a wonderful referance, but finding a new job was still challenging. I struggled with money. On top of the ongoing law suits, a broken heart and trying to make ends meet I found everyday life difficult to manage. I'm optimistic about the future though.