TW/CW photos

The minor cosmetical surgery that I was getting done is all done now and as mentioned, you'll be able to tell the difference, so there's no point trying to hide my having had this procedure done.

It was a small alteration, but one that led to a big result.

Before anyone asks, I would never get silicone implants because I love my small breasts just the way they are, they're even my favourite feature. No, what I have had done is much less common. It's something called "leppeløft" in norwegian which translates to "lip lift" and it's not so as to make the lips look bigger. No, all they've done is to hoist my upper lip in order to make my front teeth show better when I open my mouth or speak. Mine weren't showing at all and it's been a drawback in terms of modelling etc. They removed 5mm from my skin beneath the nose and the stitches were placed right beneath my nose so that the scar won't show.

Want to see the result? It might be a bit swollen, but much more so now than when I took these photo's after waking up from the anesthesia. In less than a week I get to remove the stitches and it won't be long then until I'm all healed!

I had to shower twice before arriving at the clinic and I couldn't wear any creams at all so I felt really dry and itchy...

I got the procedure done at Akademiklinikken because I've been going across the hallway to their beautyclinic for years and I know that they're really professional.

Btw I will not now be going back to the surgical clinic to get even more procedures done. I'll try anything once, but I'm happy with the way I look. I mean, never say never, but I really do think I'm good with this. There's so much more to life than aesthetics.

My boyfriend was such an angel to me when we got to see eachother again after it was all over. He still is. He took really good care of me and cooked shakshuka for me for dinner because I should be eating soft foods right now as a general rule. It's a vegetarian dish and it was delicious. (Sorry for posting a foodpic in the middle of this gore.)

I'm more swollen today than I was yesterday, but it's normal and it will pass. In the meantime, I should focus on schoolwork while munching on painmedication.

I'm glad it's over... It went surprisingly well in terms of discomfort and pain, but I got to admit... The whole thing was still a little freaky!

I'm going to go load up with another perfect espresso macchiato before attacking some material on the Industrial Revolution, which is what I'm writing my essay on for my history subject about England. I already know a bit about this topic because it's something that's interested me for many years, but I still feel nervous about tackling a brand new type of essay so I'd better give it my best.