I love Brandy Melville, maybe even more than I love Chanel, maybe even more than I love parties. Brandy Melville can take an ordinary girl and turn her into a Barbie doll, in a good way! Brandy Melville is affoardable and run with pieces in good quality and with a unique style. A style that I find reflects me to a T. The first time I walked inside the store I could have bought everything in there and built my entire wardrobe on it and I still feel somewhat the same way.

I'm just about ready for spring and these are some of my favourite pieces. I've had the blue Valentino purse forever and I'm pretty sure it's sold out. Same goes for the heart shaped belt that I bought at Brandy Melville last season. It's one of my favourite things in the world and I'm going to look for it because if it's still there then I want to buy another one, just in case! It's not expensive anyway, I think it cost around 20$. Really. I have never been more ready for spring! It's my new favourite season and the truth is that I never had a favourite season before.

This checkered wrap-skirt is also by Brandy Melville.

These days I usually stay away from H&M because I find that details such as buttons, fabrics or seams are often, for lack of a better word- tacky (says the girl dressed up as Britney Spears) but something caught my eye as I walked by the other day and I got to say. H&M surprised me. To me, it's mostly all the same in there, but suddenly there was this small line of clothing that look very similar to what Brandy Melville is all about and I really loved it. It's in good quality, they have been paying attention to detailing and the price was very good. Less than at Brandy Melville.

This entire outfit, including the shoes are all H&M! I liked the cargo pants so much that I bought three more in different colors. I intended to wear the one in lavender mostly around the house, but it's my favourite and when spring finally arrives I'll be wearing outside for sure.

I can't believe the shoes, they're just too good to be true. You know, I really wanted those Fila shoes, but they were just too expensive and these look so similar. Not only that, but they fit me perfectly and they're super comfortable! The entire outfit cost me 65$. H&M, I'm sorry. It seems you do deliver good quality and good looking clothing after all. Just not as often as Brandy Melville. (Let's revisit why)

I'm a Barbie girl, in a Barbie world!

Anyway, mix and match. This faithful Levi's denim jacket is vintage and I'm going to keep on pulling it out of my closet each spring until it falls apart (it's already starting). My shoes are new, courtesy of H&M. I got one designer purse. Some of my makeup is expensive and some of it isn't. Style is not the same as fashion.

I know I keep harping back to it, but my point with the "Armani is for everyone" article was not to tell people that they HAVE to wear designer clothes because nothing else will do, but that things aren't always black and white. To quote the article it was about style, offering an alternative view on the whole fashion industry in an attempt to stop global warming. Maybe I exaggerated a little, but I was just trying to make a point. Take care of your belongings, think twice about your purchases, figure out what's your personal style so that you don't have to make new purchases as often, don't just blindly follow what's in fashion, but make up your own mind, because the fashion industry is ruled by all of us. Be content with less and enjoy it to the fullest! 💖