Education is a privilege

(Still waiting for clothes and other items to get delivered from Japan etc, so in the meantime I thought I'd share some of my knowledge.)

I'm very happy to be back at uni and every opportunity is being used to get up early, to go to the library, to read both the syllabus and extracurricular material (or to see my boyfriend). Why? Because it makes me feel good. It's as simple as that. While constantly learning something new there's a constant feeling of accomplishment, but not only that. The stimuli that you get from filling in the holes mentally is something that is productive in a way that I find slightly difficult to describe. And it only get's better, because the more you learn the more you're able to piece together information in order to glimpse the whole picture, though we'll probably never be able to actually see the entire picture. But that's not the point.

I don't doubt my decision to become a psychology student this fall, but if I had done better at math in school from early on then I could have studied physics instead and I don't intend to try for that, but I'm going to carry on with something I started on this summer. Which is to improve my math skills in my spare time, only with a tutor this time. Because math is beautiful. The schoolsystem is doing mathematics a disservice, with the result that many students never get to appreaciate the beauy of this language. So that when someone who actually know and appreaciate it is speaking of this beauty, it is disregarded. But mathematics is the most beautiful language of all, able to explain aspects of reality and of other realities or unreal spaces that have inspired both artists and authors the like. If you want to believe in magic, look no further.

Psychology is going to be awesome if/ or when I get in (I already qualify now and that's something that no one can take away from me). Physics probably would have been awesome too, but with my background I've really got something unique to bring to the table as a psychology student.

You can probably expect more articles in the future with different topics from/ in addition to philosophy, also in addition to different kinds of photo's in better quality as mentioned. So that I might update you less frequently from now on, but in a more organized manner. Key words are: individualism, intellectual, anime, lolita kawaii and probably also motivational. I have only ever commercialized on this website once, and I won't be doing that, but any photo's I get through photoshoots for modelling will also be posted here for promotional intensive purposes.

It's been a rough ride, but I can't fully express the importance of getting an education. It's true that it's not for everyone, some people are more handy and want to work physically, but this has been a rough time for everyone and there's always something to learn which could be a good distraction for some, probably. I also want to emphasize how, if you want an education and you don't qualify, how there are many different ways to get past that. At least in Norway, I'm sorry that this might not be the case for all of my readers, but then again the libraries are almost always available and knowledge is power either way. But yeah, you can read up on your own and sign up for an exam, an exam alone doesn't cost much.

Just think, with the right education you really can be anything you want to be! You can change the world or save lives. The possibilities are always there and it's up to us as individuals to accept or even to seek out the challenges that lead to the desired rewards. I also want to impress upon those in doubt that you really can do it. For some people, this stuff might come easier, but if you put down the work you can achieve anything you want to.

(Btw. It has been decided that I am getting a wig to go with my lolita kawaii look so that I' won't be editing the hair or makeup in photo's after all, as I got some feedback from people who strongly disliked that. The wig is really cute though, so I can't wait for you to see it. The same color as my hair, maybe a tad more blonde, long and with bangs like Chii from Chobits.)