EF's symbol is a butterfly

I am Captain Nina, the inventor of the movement EF, the name is not important- it could be anything. The important thing is the goal: to end all suffering, to achieve peace on Earth, to use EF to support science and various charities, so that those who have fallen behind can get an education, so that plant species and animal species that are now threatened can be allowed to develop for thousands, upon thousands of years. For the collective focus of the human race to broaden so that energy that is now lost could be directed in a more useful way. In order to achieve a prolonged life in "paradise" on Earth or in other words Utopia.

Through EF I am presenting a way to be anything you want to be, because EF can be applied to almost any lifestyle and not just a lifestyle that includes a desire to follow what's in fashion or to look stylish. The movement needed a symbol and I decided on a butterfly and I soon realized how that's not a very masculine symbol so I changd it to a robot butterfly. A butterfly with wings of steal from the future that I am fighting for. I chose the butterfly because it's a fragile creature that goes through an almost magical change. From a little larvae and into a beautiful butterfly. Think of how fast things sped up after The Industrial Revolution? Or after the Internet was invented? We can achieve the same burst of development if EF or something similar became just as popular as Britney Spears used to be for example. There is power in numbers. That's the concept anyway...

If you could choose between having everything you ever wanted while hurting others or between having everything you ever wanted while helping others, which would you rather choose? The most important thing is for the collective focus of the human race to broaden. However, we can also save money by getting more of our possessions secondhand and we can donate that money to different charities such as the International Red Cross, WWF, science or any other charity. And that's where EF might differ from just environmentally friendly fashion and vintage shopping, the part where we actively donate money to achieve our goals.

Whatever you buy secondhand is up to you, but it could be anything, because there is just such a mass of stuff out there now. You could get a car, a computer, clothes, furniture or almost anything else secondhand or vintage. We don't have to follow what's in fashion, but we can if we want to and we can still apply EF to that lifestyle. If we don't follow what's in fashion we're in an even better position to take better care of our possessions. That's the third important thing that we can do. For example, if we choose a table that's sturdy it might last us a lifetime and we can choose to be more aware of these details. Our homes can be comfortable, but there should also be a limit to how much comfort we need before we stop adding to it and start to share with those who are suffering. Because the need for those who are suffering is acute. 

I wanted to be a child forever. As a child, my greatest desire was to remain in the north of Norway where I was born, just that. To stay there, in the summer and to carry on running around, wild and free, in the beautiful nature that surrounded my then happy family. Right by the ocean and an idyllic little farm that's still run by my uncle. I want to protect it, but I couldn't remain a child forever. I can only hold on to her greatest desire. I will protect planet Earth, my home. I will fight for it. Many people don't believe in the climate crisis and that is irrelevant because we are losing plant species and animal species. The ocean and nature is full of plastic and that's our responsibility. We should appreaciate our possessions more like my grandparents used to do when they were young. The things that I buy secondhand are not garbage, but treasure. I might even find Chanel or Armani- vintage. Or with the pricetag still on.

What is cool? I think that EF is cool. I want to live forever, I want immortality and I believe that we could achieve a prolonged life through science, because scientists are already working on it. If the collective focus of the human race could broaden and many people suddenly started donating more money to science and other charities. We are able to, if we limit our greed. Or in other words, re-direct it. At least in my case, because selfishly, quite selfishly, although I care for those who are suffering and for my home, my final reason for doing this is that I don't want to die. How can you doubt that motive? It is at the very core of my being. It is my instinct. I want to live! So yeah, I guess you could say that I went for a "trip" and found my center. My soul- that is, my awakened state of mind is connected to my greatest desire as a child, which again is connected to love. At the very core of my being I find the will to live and I don't see anything wrong with that, in fact I find it completely natural. I want to live forever. I want to be an "angel". That is, I want to dress up as one, in a world where nobody would have to be afraid. To a lot of us, there is no fight for survival anymore, so I decided that our time is here.

I believe that I could be a good rolemodel, but I'm just a mascot if anything. All I can do is I to try and show people in my own unique way that we won't become poorer by using EF to share. That it will make us feel amazing and that we can still look like Barbie dolls or rockstars. I want the power to inspire- not to rule and I see this as my purpose. Because the goals are all I've ever wanted really, ever since I was a very small girl and I stared to question the world. It's unlikely that I'll succeed, but if I give myself over to this cause entirely I might make the world a better place. So I will never give up. Not until every human that is suffering is free. Not until all of nature is in balance once more. Not until every animal is safe from mankind. I am not afraid to state freely that I am even now attempting to make it as a star, because if I did, it's much more likely that I'll succeed. So I'm not afraid to be observed as I too stumble and fall as we all got both light and darkness within us. I do. I am capable of evil, but I chose the light.

I define myself and I'm not afraid of failioure. I'm not afraid to stand out and I realized that I could use that as a weapon. Everything I've ever stated since I invented EF has been based on common sense and simple facts and it's up to my followers to decide whether or not they want to copy my inspirational content. I'm different, but that's a good thing. I'm not asking for us to let go entirely of our need to belong to the herd. I can't even do that and nor should I! We, the human race, should be a team. A team where different ideas, opinions and levels of taste should be heard and in many ways the world is already like that. Some things within this world as it is right now, it is good and some things are bad and removing everything that's bad might neither be possible nor right, but there could be a better balance. All of this, is obviously my opinion and yours might differ and at the end of the day our world might already be moving in this direction without any help from me. Because as I've mentioned in Environmentalistic fashion, a movement. There are less people on Earth suffering today than there has ever been before in human history. However, I believe that we've reached a point, where this progress could speed up even more. If those who are able to would engage more into this movement, or something similar.


Captain Nina