EF, a movement

The reason why I like labels such as Chanel, Armani or Karl Lagerfeld is because the fabric, the execution and the detailing of the items are more often than not in good quality. Likewise an item that I buy secondhand may also be in good quality. I might even find Chanel, Armani or Karl Lagerfeld vintage. If I removed the print on the bottle of my conditioner I wouldn't know what it contained. I would have to smell it, touch it and try it out on my hair to figure out whether or not it's a good conditioner. The same rule should always apply to fashion. A label can't tell you whether or not a piece of clothing is in good quality. Maybe Virginie Viard made a mistake one day and directed for an entire stock of sweaters to be made entirely from cactus thorns. You wouldn't know that unless you took a closer look at the sweater in question. If you touched it. Different materials matter a great deal if you want to look expensive, as do the seams, the buttons and any other detail.

Simplicity is the way to go if you're short on cash and you're in a mainstream store. Go for cotton and simple design, but if you're shopping online or from a thrift store, your options improve. On the internet you can find items from high end labels with the pricetag still on. Personally I don't care whether an item has been used before me or not because I know that cleaning it will make it... Clean, but buying new stuff secondhand online is an option and you'll save a lot of money that way. Money you can share with a charity like the International Red Cross for example. There are good thrift stores and bad ones, the bad ones can be a bit dull, but the really good ones are like a gold mine. We should never feel ashamed to go shopping in a thrift store, we should remain strong within ourselves and feel proud. Look for pieces in good quality. Touch the different fabrics, look at the seams, the buttons. Are they unique? Are they in good quality? Are they cool?

What is cool? Only you can decide that. Or can you? How much are you influenced by other people, by society or by the world in general? People are different. Some people care a lot about what other people think of them and others don't. Some people are more confident than others. Some people are good at mathematics, while others enjoy writing. Just as every person is different, everything that we surround ourselves with is also unique. Not just material things either, but words, concepts or rules might also contain a whole range of different qualities and how many of those qualities are actually real? Did you check? Are all dining room tables solid? What defines a dining room table? Do you know? We have to accept that some things are real without checking because it would take too long to check that every single table in the world is solid, for example. However, I believe that many of us take too much for granted. Particularly when the majority of the human race is in agreement, but to be fair. The human race's collective opinion has been mistaken plenty of times before!

We accept the world as it is and we might wish that it were different, but we accept that it's impossible to change it. After all, the world has been the same way for such a long time and we are so small and it is so large and then there's the fact that there are so many of us, but just because something is in one specific way, does not mean that it cannot alter and become different. If we give up. If we accept reality without question, without a doubt and without any implications...

Sometimes it can be fun to disagree. The words "I disagree" can feel downright liberating. You don't even have to mean it, you can just play around with it for fun, try it out on different statements as if it's a hat. "Water is wet". "Why, I disagree!" See? It's a blast! Then, suddenly, you might come across something unexpected. You realize that despite believing the opposite, you were actually right and disagreeing to whatever it was that you were disagreeing to turned out to be the correct answer to the statement. You could go the other way around and agree to a load of stuff too, but that might get a bit slippery.

Many people say that a world of peace, where we all share, where everyone is allowed an education, medical health and safety is an unachievable goal within our lifetime and I disagree. Man, that felt good.

I reckon science on a high level must be incredibly rewarding and I wish I understood more of it and I don't, but I can still imagine what the world would be like if we all lived in peace and there was more room to dig deeper into all the stuff that's ACTUALLY good.

Some things within the world as it is right now is good and some things are bad and removing everything that's bad might neither be possible nor right, but there could be a better balance and a lot of our focus could be directed in a different way. These things do happen gradually and they have done. In fact, there are less people on Earth suffering today than there has ever been before in human history. However, I believe that we've reached a point where this progress could speed up even more if those who are able to would engage more into this movement. Just think of how fast things sped up once the Internet was invented?

What is cool? What is really, really, really cool? So cool that you get turned on or high on it? Because I have felt that, I swear and the answer is that you need to dig deeper. Figure out what's ACTUALLY cool, interesting or inspiring. To a lot of people I think it could be more than what it is. I'm not religious and I don't mean charity. I don't mean anything, I'm not fishing for one answer in particular right now, I'm simply asking a question and I want the real answer. Not the answer that I want, but whatever is utterly true. What is cool? The coolest? I'm asking because I want people to ask themselves that question and to dig to the very core of the answer because it's fun. At least, if you use your imagination. Don't even think moral, just be free with it, it's a trip. To invent something it must always be invented with our imagination, within our minds eye, only then can we put our idea into reality. Who knows? Maybe your idea of "cool" could be turned into reality?

What if a lot of people suddenly started helping those in need with basics such as an education? Including charities such as WWF. How many years would it take for the global situation to improve? Think of it this way...

Imagine the entire human race as one young man named "Earth". Earth is one person with one wallet and right now Earth is struggling to pay the rent because Earth doesn't have his priorities sorted out right. If Earth realized that Earth needs to deal with the most acute bills first, before Earth can go and buy treats, then Earth would be able to pay the rent AND get to stay in his apartment. Earth really wants to buy those treats, it's become a bad habit.

Now, Earth might not get kicked out of his apartment either way, because he'll just call up his mom and ask for money, but his situation is still really lame and he's not as happy as he could have been. His mom is angry with him because he's always asking for money and there's more, he's bought a lot of stuff through Klarna and the debth is bugging him. He's ashamed of it, he wants things to be different, he's just procrastinating. Those treats sound so good! Earth needs to sort out his life, he needs to say no to the treats, at least some of them and actually pay the worst of the bills. Only then can he complete his studies and get a real life, with a real job. A rewarding one that would make him feel mature and happy. One that would secure his future for all of time.

I believe that two of the road blocks that we're facing are: fear and: the fact that we want to belong to the "herd". It's OK to be strong within ourselves. It's OK to voice outloud our belifs, our likes and dislikes. I repeat, you can still read Vogue if you want to, or something similar, you can still have a nice and comfortable home, but there should be a limit to it. There should be a limit to how much comfort and riches we actually need before it's enough. Because even if someone is a billionaire, able to share more than others, the need for those who are suffering is acute. My personal opinion is that those differences should be evened out (not overnight because I don't think that people could handle it) but through taking steps. Through changing our collective focus, through asking ourselves questions, through making some changes in our daily lives. How big does a home really need to be? Maybe it could still be big, but not quite as big? Maybe that would still feel OK? Maybe two new dresses in stead of three would be enough? Maybe it would be possible to get a new tablet secondhand, still unwrapped, if it's only going to be used to take notes during lessons in school? It's possible to save a lot of money that way, but not everyone would go there, would consider it as an option.

It is an option and no one sitting next to this person during a lesson would know that the tablet was bought secondhand. You can literally get almost anything secondhand now because there is just such a mass of stuff out there. Maybe because people buy something, then get bored with it or maybe it didn't quite fit as it was meant to. The point is that it's still in good condition, but they don't want it so it's... trash?

What defines trash? Is my pencil trash if I throw it on the floor? Is it trash if there's ketchup smeared on it? Is it trash if I use it first and then put it down? Is it trash if it's not in fashion anymore? Is it trash if it's useless?

The things I buy secondhand are beautiful. Unique. I clean them and admire them. I cherish them. If there's a hole in a jacket I mend it. I love Chanel, but I don't love every single item that's ever been designed for Chanel. I like cotton and I dislike whool. I'm scared of the dark and sex is my favourite past-time. I think I'm pretty sure of who I am, but I still ask myself questions every all the time. We should all ask ourselves questions. If all our answers are true and genuine, then that's it, but if not... Digging out the real truth can take time, but it's well worth the journey. Figuring out the purpose or goal behind every opinion or action can lead to a more rewarding life. It might encourage us to take ownership of our actions in a different way and help us to understand that our ideas can come true both within our imagination and in reality.


Captain Nina