What can I say? I love it and it doesn't exactly hurt that they sent the waitors home with loads of unopened gourmet food. Otherwise they would have thrown it out and they told me it's like this all the time. My new colleague also told me that we'll most likely make a lot on tips, so these are all really good news. I got loads of fresh summer food, truffles and my absolute favourite, macarons! I can't believe it. I know it's just food, but I mean, really? You're giving this to me? I've probably eaten two or three whole boxes today and I'm really high on sugar. Which meant I got through theatre practice without a hitch and it was in the evening, straight after work.

Here we have pistachio (there were pistachio truffles too "drool"), vanilla (my favourite), coffee, chocolate, lemon and there were raspberry ones too, but I ate them all.

Who needs sex, right? It wasn't just the food that made me feel happy out at sea, I like my colleagues and the work itself. People are my own age, they're interesting people and I fit in. I met this one girl who worked on the boats last summer and she was cool and easy to talk to. We worked together the entire day. I also met this Captain and... Christ, he was hot. He was like, actor in a Hollywood movie- hot and I'm not the only one who was influenced by him, the other girls on board were whispering about him too. Oddly enough, he came down to talk to us, to hang around, to grab another macaron or two after I'd had to run up to get a bandaid, because I managed to hurt myself. I couldn't stop looking at him, but now I'll probably never see him again, because I won't be working on that boat, I'll be working on one with sails, but nevermind that. I had a lot of fun. Plus, some honest work, as expected as a waitress I had to carry really heavy crates again, there was a lot of cleaning and I even stumbled with a heavy box, which I suppose is mandatory on your first day, but I just managed to save it. I like work, we all smile a lot and why wouldn't we? We're out at sea.

Theatre practice was just like any other really, it's always nice to see my friends. Except for one thing. I must seem really shallow or something, like I'm really obsessed with this stuff and I'm not, not anymore. People were commenting on how thin I've become and I think it's strange, because I can't tell any difference and I'd just stuffed myself before I got there too. Actually, as many as three people commented on. The first one who commented on it is someone who's been gone for a while, so I can sort of make an excuse for her. Because I have actually lost some weight since I last met her, but not that much and she asked me, point-blank "Are you anorexic?" and I had to go all like "No, no I'm not anorexic... Thanks for asking". The other person is a close friend of mine and we always hang out together, like once a week, so he shouldn't have had any reason to say anything. Then J came over to join the conversation and she's like my best friend in this group and she immediately agreed with him. I just sort of looked down and went "I don't get it?" I honestly haven't changed for a long time, I've stayed the same. I just don't get why they would suddenly comment on my weightloss now, after all this time, it doesn't make any sense.

Anyway, the work is coming along well. Our director doesn't want to lose me and he won't. We're meeting at Sentralen stage on Stortinget on Friday morning to figure out a plan, just the two of us. Initially I told him that he should give my part to this other girl, because he's given me one of the main parts again and it's a lot to take on and I don't know what's going to happen after this summer. If I'll study or what, but he really wants me to do this part and he's willing to let me miss a few practices to make that happen so I guess that this is how it's going to be. I didn't really think I'd be able to do it last time either and it all worked out somehow then, so it will probably work out this time too, but I'm glad I was open with him. I guess I'm going to bed soon, after my sugar high wears off.