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First time abroad in 11 years

My happy beginning.

Gran Canaria is a volcanic island next to Africa (a six hour flight), this is a volcanic rock.

Suddenly there were butterflies.

The grocery store was my favourite part of our holiday apart from the palm trees and the seahorses.

It's jello

They had vegetarian food at Burger King that we don't sell in Norway that tasted exactly like chicken. It was sooo good! They also served beer for my boyfriend which is kind of funny.

The man working here (I think he was a real Italian) was nice and he made a mean espresso.

Greek yoghurt

A vegetarian lasagna.

Gazpacho, a cold and very fresh vegetable soup. I think it's vegan too.

This was probably one of my favourite meals. Vegan maki with many different vegetables and even one fruit.

Veggie sticks! Such a happy time together!

and vegetarian spring rolls.

and my favourite smoothie

Papas fritas... These are seriously the best crisps that I have ever tried in my entire life.

Lemon sorbet

This frog is extremely poisonous!

- Ⓝⓘⓝⓐ

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