First proper holiday in about 11 years

Gran Canaria is a volcanic island next to Africa (a six hour flight), this is a volcanic rock.

Suddenly there were butterflies everywhere

The grocery store was my favourite part of our holiday apart from the palm trees and the seahorses.

It's jello

They had vegetarian food at Burger King that we don't sell in Norway that tasted exactly like chicken. It was sooo good! (They also served beer for my boyfriend which I find funny)

We met a director named Alex from America and he invited us to see one of his short animated films. He's done short commercials or something for Disney and is hoping to win this competition to qualify for the Oscar academy awards. He might attend in Norway as well and if so, we're hoping to meet to go out to eat again. To be honest, my social anxiety made it kind of difficult for me to just go with the flow, but my boyfriend is such a social person and so was Alex, so it all worked out and I guess that making new friends is just a normal a part of life for most people, so I should get used to it.

A local told us that SuperDino (HiperDino) is unique to Gran Canaria. It's my favourite place to be in the world and we've been talking about buying a house in Las Palmas, so hopefully I'll get to come back again. That sort of thing won't happen overnight, but I'm still obsessed by the idea of living in Las Palmas for months at a time. I would rather live there than move to England that's for sure.

The man working here (I think he was a real Italian) was so nice to me and he made the best espresso. I want to move here and buy espresso from him all the time.

Being on holiday made me feel more comfortable in my skin as time went by. Everybody else was showing skin and it was too warm to worry as much as I had been doing, but my eating disorder hasn't gone away. During the first couple of days I felt like I was still doing well with my recovery, but at some point I suddenly struggled a lot more with it.

We were at a place we liked where they served really nice burgers, both vegetarian, vegan and regular ones. We'd been there once before already so I knew that the vegetarian burger pattie was made from vegetables like beetroot and that I could order vegetables as a side in stead of fries. Still, when it became our time to order I struggled so much that I almost cried and it took forever. I was very surprised by my reaction and I literally needed help to place my order from my boyfriend who was very supportive and kind to me. In the end I ate only the burger pattie and dessert which wierdly enough, I wasn't freaking out about, though I had prepared more in advance mentally for dessert. My eating disorder makes zero sense sometimes!

I mean, we've been eating all kinds of food during this holiday, both food that's considered healthy and food that's considered unhealthy. So why should one particular meal make a difference? My favourite meals were the hotel breakfasts. They were always just perfect. I wish that life could always be that nice for everyone.

Greek yoghurt

A vegetarian lasagna that I was also pretty anxious about. Cheese and carbs like pasta at the same time is difficult for me, but when you're ordering out every single day as a vegetarian with someone else who's not a vegetarian you sometimes need to compromise and I had a really nice time and also it was a pretty good lasagna.

I was much happier about this meal. Gazpacho, a cold and very fresh vegetable soup. I think it's vegan too?

There was a parrot above us <3

Another cheese+carb meal that made my ED bother me. I ordered it because I wanted to be chill about not making a fuzz over what to order. There were different types of cheese on top and there was one of them that I didn't like, but other than that it was actually really good. Also, I really enjoyed this time spent with my boyfriend so again, it was worth it.

This was probably one of my favourite meals. Vegan maki with many different vegetables and even one fruit.

Veggie sticks! Such a happy time together!

and vegetarian spring rolls.

and my favourite smoothie

It wasn't the healthiest meal, but I was able to ignore that and enjoy myself fully <333

Papas fritas... These are seriously the best crisps that I have ever tried in my entire life and I brought two whole bags home with me to Norway xD My boyfriend didn't like them, but I was mad about them.

I brought this with me home as well. They were so amazing.

I remember this candy from when I was a child. It's a happy childhood memory.

Lemon sorbet

My ED was telling me that I couldn't have these, so I got them because I shouldn't listen to my ED

Plus I got these dinosaur biscuits that I also remember from childhood

This frog is extremely poisonous!

This is from where we stopped in Madrid on our way home. That morning was so funny, everything was just really funny. We made up a song on the airport... You get the picture.

I'll be sharing a few more photos in a while (edit; actually no, I won't, I'll leave it as it is with these ones here).

- Ⓝⓘⓝⓐ