I got an A on an exam

Today I recieved my first A on an exam, at least since I started at uni. I got one B once, but other than that it's been all C's, until now. I recieved it via a link in an e-mail through my phone on my way to sit another exam and it made me start shaking so much.

I got home not too long ago, after I was done sitting that other exam today I went straight to uni with the intention of going to the gym, but I bumped into my boyfriend and his friends. We'd spoken on the phone earlier and I knew that they were celebrating some really good news. One of his friends, a girl, persuaded me to join in. I only had a sugarfree soda and talked with them for a while before I became too hungry. I wanted to order a burger there from the menu, but I was allergic to the only veggie burger option and decided to leave. Could have ordered just fries or something, but it was late and the exam had worn me out. I've met them before though and it's not like we won't meet again.

Anyway, the exam that I sat today was really difficult. The whole subject has been making me feel as though I've been drowning in it all throughout the semester, but now it's over and I think it went OK at least. I've never written as much as I did today on any other exam, it was just like non-stop writing until four hours had passed with very little time for spelling-corrections. The subject was Metaphysics and Philosophy of Mind. Metaphysics is not just about philosophy from the past, there are many modern philosophical contributions within Metaphysics and it was my favourite part of the subject. The book was thicker than a brick. You could have spent a lifetime working with either Metaphysics or Philosophy of mind, really going into debth. Both of these branches within philosophy seem to branch out again into a million tiny brances, or so it would seem when you start to get into the various contributions. Philosophy of mind was the most difficult part of the subject in my opinion. With complicated language and modern contributions. Making me feel as though I will never have anything at all to contribute with up against stuff like this. Making me question philosophy itself. The exam that I handed in today was dense, just as this subject and it's material is dense, but I'm excited to see which grade I'll receive on it.

Only one more exam left now. Celebrating Christmas at my boyfriend's family's house. I have way too much to do before that in addition to one more exam. I want a cat for Christmas, most likely I won't get one. Building muscle at the gym, now that I'm logging all the weight I get through and forcing progress that way, I'm able to lift much more weight than before. I do squats etc with barebells and I do it because I enjoy the psychological effect in addition to how it makes me feel inside my body. I still spend a lot of time on it and next to the time I spend studying I don't have room for that much else, but I did go to a Christmas party with Effective altruism last friday. It made me so happy. Genuinely, it warmed my heart. The conversation was rewarding, there was pizza and well, good people. I'm getting up early tomorrow so I can get that workout done at the gym before I need to be somewhere else. So goodnight.

Warm regards,