You don't know me that well yet, so I can tell you one thing about myself and it's that this girl LOVES easter. It's actually my favourite holiday. I even like it more than I like Christmas, but that isn't saying much because I pretty much hate Christmas, but anyway, Easter rocks! You get to eat candy, the horrible winter is finally over, you have an entire summer ahead of you, there's always a beautiful full moon (I love the moon), there's this magic in the air and pretty colors in the sky and all I can feel is optimism.

Being single isn't so bad, I get the entire pizza to myself. They had vegan pizzas too and I was rather impressed with that, but I wanted cheese today. I might try a vegan one next time. This pizza was so yummy, full of really rich tasting veggies like mushrooms, olives and avocado. I put pepper on my avocado of course, because I consequently do that.

The moon is stunning tonight. A huge silver coin in the sky, three times the size as usual, it only happens a few times and I become transfixed by it, but in a calm and happy way. I can see the moon and the stars from my bed, I often lay at night, looking at it and I'll do it now, cuddling with Tjommi, feeling grateful for everything that I've got. I hope your'e all enjoying the holiday too. Maybe Easter hasn't officially started yet, but I'm wishing you a happy Easter all the same.

Happy easter!