Hell is other people

I'm intrigued by what Sartre meant by the quote

'Hell is other people'

This ring is from my love.

I made some cod and pollock cooked in a vegetable broth with mashed carrots today. It probably doesn't look like the most delicious thing imaginable, but the whole dish is only 300 calories. That's pretty incredible. Next time I'm going to fry the fish with pieces of zucchini squash in olive oil with sea salt and serve it with a butternut squash purée. I also baked some brownies today, sugarfree, but with some honey and Sukrin gold, a high-fibre and high-protein flour and served it with sugarfree vanilla ice cream and sugarfree vanilla sauce. It was all gooey and special.

- Ⓝⓘⓝⓐ