These photos might be considered provocative, but this isn't the first time that I'm showing skin. It can be expected during a shoot and honestly, I'd love being an underwear model. Being in a catalogue is one way to make money. If nothing else, it's great motivation to stay in shape! 🙂

I woke up before my alarm rang this morning, at 07:30am to find that my crush was texting me and fuelled by that happy notion I went to the gym to do some strength exercises. When I got home I had white fish, steamed veggies and one potato wedge for lunch. I only wish that I always behaved like this... As it happens, I'm dreadful at sticking to a diet and even worse at keeping up with my workout regimen. Any time I eat a carrot I get the urge to pat myself on the back with a bottle of red wine or some chips.

This is a good angle. The truth is that, I'm also almost tempted to run off to get silicone implants sholved into my butt, but I don't believe that any model is perfect..

This lingerie is *drumroll* by Hunkemöller and I wanted to share it with you because it's some really good lingerie. It's only 16$ for a three pack, it feels like wearing nothing and the style reminds me of some sexy pieces by Victoria's Secret that I liked. Finding something that's both sexy and different within this price range is difficult, but this lingerie is in good quality.

I always loved that little beauty mark on my stomach btw, there's another one on the left side of my upper lip and a few more sprinkled on my butt. To me, it's always been as if they were placed there intentionally.

As usual, none of these photos have been edited except for the lighting and, well you know how I'm strictly a wax-only girl, but even without razors I also get some small markings on my skin. Not those awful bumps, but even when the skin is perfectly smooth and as good as it's going to get, the coloration of the skin is never quite perfect. Other than that, there's been no editing done. I never alter my face, the shape of my body or anything like that. 🙂