I just bought myself a huge stuffed animal, a fluffy dog, because I always wanted one of these, ever since I was a little girl. I got him for myself because I love myself. I don't need some guy to take care of me, I can take care of myself and I can have things that make me happy, I don't have to wait. Wait for a boyfriend to give it to me, wait until I've earned it, wait for the paint to dry. I don't need an excuse, making myself happy is reason enough.

I just got a modeling job and I´m filming this weekend with my new boss. I reckon he´ll pay me well for it, he said he would and we´re also working on Wednesday so I´d better not forget. I´m not sure if I´m moving forwards or backwards or standing still. Sometimes I´m on a rollercoaster, but at least I´m living in the moment. Feeling happy more often than I'm feeling down. Probably because there are no stupid men around!