I got into uni!

I got into uni!!! First I got into that social science bachelor and then my application to study single subjects in philosphy got accepted and this is at my dream university UiO, which is one of the leading universities in Norway. I'm also doing an exam called Exphil, which is an exam in philosophy and this is all quite a lot, so I didn't accept the social science bachelor. After completing these subjects I can apply to "Internasjonale studier" next year which is a really popular bachelor, there's only one of it in the entire country and it's also at UiO. This bachelor would enable me to work in an organization like FN, Amnesty, The international red cross or something similar. Or I might just carry on studying philosophy. I haven't decided yet. No matter what I want to make the world a better place.

Since last time I've been to the most amazing rave, my first time. We went home early and behaved fairly well, but it was a fun experience all the same. I guess I just wanted to mention it. Otherwise Im working really hard to get my book finished. Besides the rave I've

been working from 9 to 21 almost every day so that's why I've been busy, but after working for like 18 hours straight knowing that I would finally get to go to uni this year I wrote this short little thing here for you, it's called

So I told the spider

It’s 5 am. I woke up an hour ago from a dream that mostly resembled a nightmare. I didn’t feel frightened exactly, I just didn’t see the point. I could either carry on lying there in a state of discomfort, awake or asleep it wouldn’t make no difference, or I could get up. I happened to brew my usual morning coffee just perfectly. This doesn’t always happen, and I was pleased. I sat down to work, I was just getting into it and then, a huge spider suddenly scuttles out from underneath my couch. I’m not afraid of spiders, but this one was really big, and it made me feel all wriggly. I jumped up from my desk, intending to capture it to get it out of my apartment, but it scuttled beneath the couch again as I approached it. I tried to coax it out from underneath the couch by shoving a long wire at it to lure it in the right direction, but it didn’t work. Maybe it was more clever than that? I didn’t want the spider in my apartment, but after a while I was forced to give up and I thought to myself. The spider won’t hurt me. So, I told the spider. If you leave me be, I won’t bother you either.

I went back to my desk. The coffee had gone cold. Luckily, there was some more left in the coffee mug. I pored out the cold coffee and helped myself to another cup. I’d just sat back down to work when the spider scuttled over to the kitchen.

This time I was ready. I grabbed a lunchbox in see-through plastic and rammed it over the spider to trap it. It worked. I could see the spider in detail now and I didn’t want to. I felt wriggly again. I used a sheet of paper and then my Chanel coffee table book to create a floor for the spider, finally finding a use for the book, then I carried the spider out of my apartment. I carried it all the way down to the first floor, opened the door and set it free. I watched it sprint away across the pavement with incredible speed. Without a scratch.

I walked back upstairs to my apartment, put the Chanel book back on the table, placed the lunchbox in the sink and went back to my desk. My coffee had gone cold again and the sky outside my window had turned from dark blue into a pastel shade of blue dotted with pink and purple clouds. There was a pamphlet on the floor. It had shuffled out from underneath the sheet of paper that I'd used to trap the spider. I opened it, but it was of no use to me and I found myself wishing that the pamphlet had never even been given to me in the first place.

It’s 5 am. I throw the pamphlet away. I’m scared. That’s what the spider had forced me to recognize. Not of the spider and not of my stupid dream, but of something else. It’ll be OK, I tell myself. Soon, it’ll all be OK ...


Captain Nina