Tjommi is my stuffed animal/ unicorn and I sometimes mention him, he's in a lot of my photo's on here and on Instagram so I thought I should explain. Because why on earth does a 25 year old need a cuddly toy? I bought Tjommi at a bookstore when the Lion and I were in a good place, the Lion is the only man who's ever made me feel safe and he named Tjommi for me. For the longest time the only people who had ever touched him were us and I don't know why, but I just became really fond of Tjommi. I know it's just a toy and I realise that I often talk about Tjommi as if it were a real dog or something, but I like being childish sometimes. If I had a real dog, I would name him Tjommi.

Tjommi is soft and cuddly and he smells really good. Ever since I got him I've been in a good place and I think that's kind of the point because I remember how I picked him up and I was all like. "Aw! That's the most adorable thing!" Then I thought how I couldn't get it, because that would be weird and irresponsible because I mean, what would I need it for? Then in the end I got it anyway because I wanted to make myself happy and I don't think I would ever have done something like that in the past. So it felt like I turning page and I've loved him ever since and in loving him it's like I'm sending love to myself too.

Hugs & Kisses