Independent decision making

Independent decision making is important not only on a personal level, but as an individual member of society and what I mean by that is this: If we disagree with an opinion that is generally a collected opinion within society, then we should stay true to our own opinion within ourselves and disagree with society. This is difficult, because if something is integrated into our culture, then disagreeing can make one feel afraid of the dissaproval of others, but if we all continue to let that guide us in our decision making, then our society will not move forward or it will move forward more slowly.

Fake news and propaganda is out there. People, even those writing newspapers, even our leaders, sometimes fall for false information. Do not simply believe something without checking the facts. If you want to, you can learn logic and this will help you navigate your way. It's not that difficult. The internet is full of lies, there is also truth and knowledge, but we need to learn how to separate the truth from lies. Let the scientists, the philosophers, the people of science, let them lead while practicing independent decision making.

It is not OK for us to shovel all the responsibility over on to intellectuals. Because they need us to be critical. They need us to care about facts and they are sad that so many of us don't seem to care about anything besides our own amusement and pleasure. That many seem to be blowing off the responsibility because of the false belief that someone better is going to fix the most difficult problems, when the only way we can really fix them is by working together. It's true that we have different skills. Some people are suitable for working with children, some people are great at cooking, some people are good at painting and some people are scientists for example, but the truth should be vital to everyone.