It's Christmas

The word "Jul" means Christmas in norwegian. I have been known not to celebrate Christmas at all, but this year I've celebrated in advance and then there will be more to celebrate in a couple day's time, particularly on New Year's Eve and there will be a couple of gifts too. It's the best Christmas I've had in years. I'm so happy. It is my impression however that many people have such high expectations for New Year's Eve that the day often seems to lead to dissapointment. So I won't mention how this year, it actually is going to be romantic. About how I'm likely to be kissing my prince when the clock strikes, about the perfect gift and sparkling dress, or about love. I won't mention any of that.

I'm alone today, but this time it's OK. I offered to help Kirkens Bymisjon, a type of charity organization, but they didn't need any help this year. I wasn't alone yesterday and I decided to practice my skills in the kitchen today instead of volunteering. The result turned out great! I forgot pepper, but besides that my very first "ribbe" was perfect. Also, I am expecting a very warm phonecall soon.

The best is yet to come 💖

Merry Christmas,