I have had myself the most perfect Sunday, because there's nothing I like better than going to a flea market. Just ask my mom, we used to go together whenever there was one in town while I was growing up and I thought of her and my grandmother while I was ironing my new tablecloth with her old iron. You won't beileve all the pretty things that I got today for next to nothing.

Beautiful china just like we have back home in the north and a white tablecloth. As you can see, I'm not very good at ironing...

A mirror and yes, I know that the frame is in pinewood and that pinewood is cheap, but you know, this look is also very "Scandinavian". Some of my other furniture is also in pinewood and I figured I might as well go for it. I didn't use any pinewood at my old place, only mahogony. I even had my own boudoir and I really miss my old furniture, but when I move away from here, I'll give this mirror away. So for now it doesn't really matter.

I got all these new sparkling flowerpots and smaller bowls for candles! They're throwing disco lights on my walls because of the sun! How happy. I need to get some new flowers of course, but I've been meaning to. Also, I am now aware that I need to clean my windows.

I got this entire outfit too and I love these pink pants! All I need now are some beige, pointed heels to go with this.

I get the sense that the fashion for women is requiring more and more masculine clothes and that's not really me. I'm a feminine woman. That's why I love these pants. This shade of pink is one of my favourite colors, so girly and yet, it's still trendy! I love my new scrunchie too. It's so big and cute.

I also got this plate. Which isn't really a plate, but it's a plate if I say it's a plate. So this is my new plate. For serving food... Anyway, I don't have sets of china, set's of plates of four, six or twelve and so on. It's so much more fun to just collect random pieces that are special and put together your own crazy collection. Then you can quarrel with your friends or your date about who get's the coolest coffee mug. You'll also always have the perfect piece for the perfect circumstance.

Obviously I had to put in a bit of effort. I had to carry this mirror home with me, delivery isn't always an option when you buy interior design secondhand. I also had to clean it. I had to wash the cups and the plate too. Then I ironed the tablecloth and well, those flowerpots weren't exactly light either, but at the end of the day I'm pleased. It's a completely different feeling, knowing that I've done something to help the world rather than blowing my budget and polluting the environment because of my own materialistic desires. I'm not perfect, I do that too, but I recommend buying more things vintage. We have so much already that I was able to find clean and unspoiled pieces of clothing from Ralph Lauren, Levi's, Filippa K, Tom Ford and other expensive brands at this flea market. I didn't buy any of it because I didn't want to spend too much money, but nevertheless it was there. I did buy myself some new nightwear from Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein at with the tags still on and I'm planning to share it with you when it arrives. is a website we use in Norway to sell and buy used items and that's how I decorated my entire apartment before I moved here. You probably have similar websites if you live somewhere else and it really is the perfect way to make your dreams come true.