It's time to embrace ourselves

We belong in the nature which is as the Athens knew it- our home (oikos) and not as most humans have perceived it since: a resource. It's time to embrace ourselves, our mortality (aka ageing though we should still pursue a prolonged life as this is merely what our instinct calls us to do), our looks- whatever they may be and the fact that we are all one imperfect family, many of us all reaching for that one common goal. To be, as Brunello Cucinelli put it, from here on out- resuming our journey towards Universal Humanism. Or as I've been putting it, moving ever closer towards Utopia. Which is the heart of fashion. Freedom. The freedom to be our uttermost selves.

I am Captain Nina and I am as usual wearing something vintage with something new. This time it's my black by Malene Birger jacket and I wish I could have done a proper photoshoot for you outside in our home, the nature, but I'm on a tight schedule. So in stead I'll be sharing with you a recap of some old photos I did last summer of my beautiful surroundings here in the capitol of Norway. I couldn't wait for my birthday... So I dressed up in this outfit today, so then, maybe it's for the best that I'm only allowing you a few glimpses of it?

You know I'm originally from a farm in the North, right? My soul resides there in the hills. It's a breathtaking, stunningly beautiful place.

Look, it's our symbol.

A tiny little moment to pay a small gesture to the late Karl Lagerfeld. The kitten eared hat is one of the first designer items I ever bought and I still keep it.

This is from home. I mean, the North. This is where my soul resides.

I have the most beautiful bedroom inside that little yellow house. The old farm has been torn down years ago. The house belongs to my grandmother and there are other houses that also belong to her close by. The ocean is also right outside of this pictureframe. These are airplane photos, so I'm sorry for the bad quality.

As a true northerner, I became a sailor for a time. I learned how to catch enough food (aka fish) for an entire month in one go from age five and I'd set out in a small boat alone with my cousin who was the same age. Then we'd prepare the fish ourselves as well and we did that fishing by hand with a kind of string which is common where I'm from. Link to the original post.

Lady Mack.

The capitol of Norway. It's modest actually and I don't see any reason why it shouldn't just stay that way. We don't need any more bling. Not while there are other people still starving in other countries and eventhough they're doing a lot to help, I wish that our politicians would realize that we don't have to look like the other countries. That we can still be ourselves.

We are humans. We are not perfect. Not yet and that is why we need to deal with what is most acute first. Before a select few pretend that we're already in Utopia. This home, our home, it's the only one. We are one family and our relatives, the other animals and even the plants are also a necessary part of our familytree and life. If we treat the world with love, in stead of wrongly viewing it as a mere resource, we might be able to preserve what is still left.

He came very close, that summernight, making all these cute noises and I felt so exceptional in his presence.

I'm not faking it, see and you don't have to be rich to follow what's in fashion. Armani is for everyone. Want to know how?

Anyway I'm off now. Hope you found this inspiring.

Edit; I'm a panpsychist and humanist btw, in case you couldn't tell. :)


Captain Nina