Japanese haircut & picking up some clothes from my old apartment...

Japan is definitely high up on our list of places we're going to visit after the pandemic is over and yesterday I decided to go one further than buying a wig to go with the lolita kawaii clothes. I got this haircut that's huge in Japan and now I feel so good whenever I look in the mirror. I'm still going to grow out the length just like in these inspiration photos that I showed to my hairdresser, but the bangs are here to stay!

We went by my old apartment to get the rest of my clothes, well almost all of them... It was very heavy 😅😋 Heh...

Finally we were back home in our lovenest. These roses were from me to him actually and not the other way around. I think it's cool, because why should I get all the attention? I love him.


Now I've got schoolwork to do.