Go-to outfit

I love all this detailing. They're actual holes.

These clothes are going to be used as a versatile outfit and not only for workouts because the fabric is a good fabric that can endure more than other fabrics. Kind of like my "uniform", for EF. These clothes are going to last and last and last. Because I chose the color black, any wear won't really show and I know because I bought black tights and a jacket in a similar fabric in 2013 and I've worn it nearly every week since and it's still in good condition. So just take my word for it, when I bought this- I knew. I knew that this is one relationship that's going to last. (I'll still be seen wearing that old jacket too because there's nothing wrong with it.)


I can make up my own mind and while I enjoy fashion and can use vintage and secondhand shopping to satisfy that hunger, I don't have to copy everything that everybody else does. So I've decided that these clothes can embody "Captain Nina" very often and for a long time to come so I can save resources and hopefully enable myself to donate more money to different charities and so on. I'm getting most of any other outfits, interior design and more secondhand. Like that coat I got by By Malene Birger and I also found a matching purse from Michael Kors for 30$ actually, which is on it's way by mail. This being my go-to outfit for everyday life in general. I got this sportswear at and it comes in many different colors. I got a 2-pack of these tights, so I can wear them around the clock if I want to, knowing myself I probably will if I'm not doing anything that really does require a different outfit.

These clothes were designed for exercise, but no one tells me what to do. It's super comfortable, as if wearing nothing and I think it looks awesome. All I need now is for my hair to grow a little bit longer so I can get those bangs cut at Gevir and then I'll look like an anime character or a character from a game or something. I am actually going outside to exercise in this now though, I've been hiking in the forest for hours lateley and I love it because I keep bumping into my friends, the fallow deer and the squirrels. They don't even seem as afraid anymore when I go close to them.


Captain Nina