I love my hat. It's very "me" and I dithered for a while about going for another one by Armani, but I'm glad I didn't. The one from Armani was only suitable for winter wear and this one by Karl Lagerfeld can be worn during autumn and spring as well as during the winter. It can really make an outfit pop and my friends from the theatre love it too.

I don't really like the rest of my outfit, but it's the most basic thing I could put together from my wardrobe. I need new clothes. This shirt is probably 60 years old, I found it in the attic in the north where I'm from, my jeans are ripped at the seams and then we have me, making this solitary hat by Karl Lagerfeld my priority. In stead of new socks, basic pieces of clothing or even groceries. Story of my life.