At least for now. I did tell them to call me if they really needed someone, but it's likely I'll be too busy with work. Voulenteering at the farm has been fun, today I brushed my favourite horse, fed him, walked with him and cleaned his shoes. He held really still, he's so calm and kind.

(edit; you should know that this one photo has been retouched, that's because it's an old photo and I can't find the original. The quality of the photo was bad because of the lighting in the stable and because of the camera. I used an effect on it which smoothed things out to make me look prettier. I never retouch my photos anymore apart from lighting, so I thought you should know.)

Lille bebi

Once again, I'm exhausted. I just had another vegan salad for dinner too, this time with some added beetroot. It wasn't that good, the beetroot, but it made the already colorful salad look like a rainbow. I think I'm going to watch some Downton Abbey now, it's my favourite show and I like it better than I liked GOT. To be honest, I only watched GOT because my friends said I'd like it. It wasn't bad, but I'm not a huge fan of watching television. I only enjoy it sometimes. Like on day's such as this one. When I've had enough fresh air and animal kisses to last me a lifetime. It's nice to go somewhere else mentally, at least for a while.

Hope your start of the week went well too!