Love the planet

Look, I'm telling myself as much as I'm telling anyone, so keep that in mind. Consider this, it could be that consciousness, no matter how it develops, is unique. Or even that life as we know it is unique and that it exists only on planet Earth. We have a duty to protect that life either way. To preserve the species on Earth, Earth itself and ourselves. It's time for us to grow up and to accept that responsibility. What does that entail? Well, I expect that it will look different to different people because our environments and qualities are different, but generally, I expect that we should all do our best in order to grow into the best version of ourselves.

What I shouldn't do is to not take properly care of myself. So I need to make sure that I'm eating properly and things like that. Because if not, I'll be too weak to function as well as I could as a human and I want to be a good human if I can be. I'm scared, but I want the best for life on Earth and for our planet. So no matter how small my contributions might be, I need to demand more from myself. I can tell that eating properly makes a big difference to how I perform overall as a human. It's not the only thing I need to get right, but I can tell that it matters. I truly feel as though I have a moral obligation to take care of myself for the people around me.

- Ⓝⓘⓝⓐ