Missing summer

Christmas is only just over, but I'm missing summer. This photo is from last summer. I didn't get a tan then and I've decided that I'm finally getting a tan this time around. I've also decided that I am to try every sushibite there is because I love sushi maki. Btw, I'm getting, not just a collar, but the most perfect, exclusive, custom-made collar soon. It was designed to reflect my personality and I want to wear it for one of the shoots with some matching underwear that I'm also getting, or something similar. I can't wait to show it off. I'll wear my collar all the time! Well, almost....

This is from last night. I was excited because my boyfriend told me he got me a stuffed panda, I'll show it to you later, it was just before I started cooking dinner for two. Chicken again, with veggies in a light sauce. I'm so done with all the Christmas food and I'm excited to be starting school again soon.

My life was in desperate need of direction and I see my education as the most important thing. I was unhappy trying to make ends meet working dead-end jobs. Bartender, sailor, health professional, salesperson, security guard, waitress... I kept moving from place to place, unable to settle, because what I really wanted was to go to school. I'm happy now, things are settling into something beautiful and that's exactly why I feel like I can finally truly believe in my dreams and not just my old dreams, but new dreams as well.

My boyfriend didn't only get me a stuffed panda. He also let's me look at bikinigirls on my phone, usually it's the other way around, but I'm bi and I think it's funny. The photo's inspire me though, so it's more than just a turn on. My life is opening up and I want to do photos like that too. My own way, and it doesn't even have to lead to anything, because it's fun. I promise it's going to happen this time around unless another/ or the same pandemic makes it impossible again, so all I'm saying is that I can't promise when it's going to happen. Oh btw I'm also going to The Well soon with my friend! I've never been. It's a spa here in Norway. They've got jacuzzis which I love, so I bet I'm going to enjoy myself. If I become a psychology student this fall I think there will probably be a natural transition where I write articles and the like about topics relating to psychology in addition to philosophy for example. But this website, I'm running it because it's fun and I want it to reflect that even more.