It suddenly occured to me that I haven't shown you my apartment yet and I figured now is as good a time as any. First up is my tiny hallway.

This is my "walk in closet" because technically I can walk inside it. In it I've got some Ralph Lauren, many shoes, Karl Lagerfeld, Valentino, some vintage pieces, Brandy Melville (with more to come), Mint & Berry and more, and hopefully someday, Chanel...

More storage...

Now onto the reason why I chose this place. The kitchen! I love my kitchen. Btw, I was able to fix that drawer, I don't know if any of you caugth it, but I recently broke the top kitchen drawer and this just goes to show that I really don't need a man, because now it's as good as new.

Nice view.

I had to get the pink blender of course, no other color would do.

My much used and beloved coffeemaker.

My bookshelf wound up on top of the fridge to save storage and I love it! It's kind of quirky, just like me. I've got more books of course, but at least I can keep my favourites here.

Now onto the bathroom.

More storage friendly solutions, this is my laundry "basket", it's from IKEA and it cost me 6$.

Finally, let's check out my livingroom and bedroom.

This is my couch/ bed. It's acutally the largest and most comfortable double bed I've ever had. It cost me a fortune, but it was worth it. The best part is that I can see the stars and the moon from my bed every night. I lie there, counting them and it's like a dream come true. In the summer, I even open the windows up wide and listen to the wind blowing in the trees outside and the one closest to me is always covered in white flowers that smell sweet.

Let's just use this opportunity to show off that pretty body of mine ooone more time, lol.

It's already starting..!

These papers mean that I'm qualified to work out at sea!

My dresser.

I guess that's that!