This isn't much, but it's something everyone can afford on a budget.

1.) I love beauty and I always wax. You can either wax yourself at home, or book an appointment. If waxing is too expensive for you my tip is that you can make your own sugarwax at home, it's easy, just google it or you can buy ready made wax which is still cheaper than going to a professional.

2.) Coconut oil. It actually works and I really recommend it if you've never tried it.

What I do is I undress and get a towel because it's going to melt and drip all over the place, but I'm telling you it's worth it and your hair will thank you later. I rub a lot of coconut oil all over my dry and unwashed hair and then I stick it in a bun and keep it in for as long as I can be bothered. It's also good for your hands and nails and if you get it on your body that will only be good for you too, so don't worry.

When you've kept it in for as long as you could be bothered get in the shower, rinse it out, shampoo and rinse twice and then put in a deep working conditioner.

3.) While you wait, scrub your body with a seasalt scrub. If you think it's expensive you can actually make those yourself too for next to nothing, again just google it. I've tried making that and the homemade sugarwax and both of them work.

4.) Cleanser. One of the keys to beauty is beautiful skin and one of the keys to beautiful skin is great skincare. For that you need a good cleanser and a good moisturizer. I'm still using the same moisturizer that's mentioned below, but ever since I invested in my first good cleanser, my skin changed and it made me look more beautiful instantly.

When I was younger it's as if I thought that good skincare was unachievable or something and it so isn't! A cleanser is not that expensive and it will last you for a long time. If you're taking the bother of wearing makeup and of removing it with makeup remover you also need to bother to purchase and to use a cleanser at least a couple of times a week. Think of it as a purchase on the same level as getting shampoo or toothpaste! Your skin is a part of your body and if you take care of it, it will thank you.

5.) If you struggle with black spots, you can use a peel-off mask or some other mask (I'm going to write about this new one that I got that's absolutely magical later on) and those might need to be left on for a couple of minutes so I like to create a cozy mood for myself with some scent, candles and a nice cup of tea.

This has always been my favourite tea by Pukka because it's a detox tea and because it's got cardamom in it, my favourite spice. While you wait you can do your nails!

6.) Moisturize! Clinique is one of the best brands when you're on a budget. It's friendly to young skin and for people who have issues with acne or similar problems. I use either the Moisture surge overnight mask (I've written about this one earlier) or the moisture surge cream by Clinique depending on whether it's late or early. With Clinique you get good quality products that make you look great for a reasonable price.

I finish off by adding some Joico shine serum or sea salt spray to my hair to style it. Today I used the shine serum. Dry shampoo is highly underrated. If you can avoid washing your hair too often you'll be taking better care of it and then you might not need to cut it as often. You don't have to use this one, any dry shampoo will do and I'll give you my secret "girl on a budget" tip!

7.) If you can't afford dry shampoo, there are 5 minutes left until you have to run off for work and your hair looks greasy. Grab a little baking powder and rub it into your scalp. Believe me, it works! You can also put a little bit of baking powder into your regular shampoo to create your own home made cleansing shampoo to get rid of left over product, but don't do this any more often than once a month as it's quite harsh on the hair and make sure to condition it thoroughly.

aand this is how my hair turned out after all of my efforts, haha!

When you're all done you can also use the coconut oil to cook something healthy. For real!

Broccoli is my favourite vegetable

It's dinnertime.