Want to wake up looking young and fresh? The secret to beauty is great skin and the secret to great skin is great skincare. To achieve great skin you need two things: A good cleanser and a good moisturizer. If you're going through the bother of putting on any kind of makeup on a regular basis, you've purchased some kind of makeup remover and you're using it to remove your makeup, you need to also purchase a cleanser and use it at least a couple of times a week.

These are all my favourite products. There are good makeup removers and bad ones. The worst one is the makeup remover wipes. You're literally rubbing all that makeup even deeper into your pores. I'd stay away from makeup "milk" and so on too if you're removing it with cotton wads. The best makeup remover would be one that you can really foam up on your face and rinse off with water. Those can even be used in the shower, which is very chill! Even with this makeup remover, which really get's into every nook and cranny of your skin a cleanser is still needed to make sure that your skin is always squeaky clean! Because that's how you achieve that flawless, stunning look. Your makeup will look better and you'll carry around a healthy glow, much prettier than any accessory.

A cleanser removes not only tiny pieces of left over makeup, oiliness or dead skin cells, but also dirt from the noisy city life. Maybe it seems like something I'm just making up, but it's a fact. If you're living in the city, filth from cars are clogging up your skin every time you walk outside the front door.

This is my cleanser. I wanted to get one by Sensai, but this one was half the price and nearly just as good. Great skincare doesn't have to cost a fortune and it's worth it. If you're going to spend money on skin products, why not spend just that little bit more and get something that actually works, rather than waste your money on something that won't really do much for your skin? I used to waste my money on bad products all the time and I can tell a difference now, when I look in the mirror. My problem areas are no longer slightly diminished, but gone. At first I thought that I shouldn't write about skincare, because it might seem snobbish or something, but I don't care what people think because I don't see what's wrong with wanting beautiful skin and there are good affordable products out there that actually work. This cleanser cost around 40$, but I can already tell that it's going to last me for months on end.

The little pink thing is kind of funny and definitely a good investment! It comes in different sizes, this one is in the size medium. The largest one is the most expensive and the smallest one is the size of a macaron. Mine cost about 50$, but it won't ever "run out". Not by a long shot. What it does is that it vibrates, there's an on switch at the back. You gently rub it all over your face along with your cleanser and rinse it with water as you go along. The result is flawlessly clean skin and the massage is good for you too, it will help you to maintain youthful skin over time.

You don't have to use this with your cleanser, but I highly recommend it. Also, there's no point getting the big one, I think the smaller ones are better, they make it easier to get to every nook and turn of your face! 🙂

This next product IS THE BEST, oh my God. Ever get those blackheads on your nose before? Ever feel absolutely repulsed because nothing will shift them? With this little guy you can wave goodbye to them for good. It's really strong, it kind of makes my eyes water a bit, but it does work. Don't use it more than a couple of times a week. After the first time you use it you won't get a perfect result, but over time they'll literally melt away. I found a good peel-off mask once that worked really well, but this cream is even better. It's a bit expensive, around 50$ for such a small tube, but I mean, it actually works and to me that makes it worth it. You can get it at Fredrik & Louisa. You can get all of this there, exept for the vibrating thingie, I got that at Kicks.

My faithful makeup remover is the yellow one by Shiseido. It's so good that when I was at Geilo I used it as a makeshift cleanser. The sunscreen is in the picture because the sunshine, along with an unhealthy diet or cigarettes are all examples of things that can damage your skin a lot. I've written about my moisturizers earlier.

Clinique is one of the best brands when you're on a budget. It's friendly to young skin and people who have issues with acne. I use either the Moisture surge overnight mask or the Moisture surge cream by Clinique depending on whether it's late or early. With Clinique you get good quality products that make you look great for a reasonable price.

I suppose there are many skincare routines out there, but I wanted to write about this at least once ❤️ I love me some happy skin!