My soul is mortal

Just to be clear. I do not believe that my soul will live on after my death because I view the concept of a soul as being with an awakened state of mind. My body will on the other hand continue to exist because it will transform into ash, dirt, a flower that's feeding on that dirt or maybe an animal eating this flower and so it will go on, maybe forever.

I do not believe that I will get to reunite with loved ones after I am dead, that is in my opinion a fantasy and I am not religious. What I do believe is that we can invent, perhaps not immortality, but a prolonged life through science. In fact, scientists are already working on this and if the collective focus of the human race could change. Then we could create "paradise" on Earth, through taking better care of our resources and knowledge that we have gathered through thousands of years. Through sharing so that those who have fallen behind can get an education and through directing energy that is now lost on things we wouldn't even miss over to progress such as science. In that sense, I do believe in paradise on Earth and I do believe that my soul could possible live on, here on Earth where I could stay on with my loved ones in a world that would be very different from the world we know today. This is my dream, my goal and my purpose. To end all suffering. To achieve a prolonged life and to protect planet Earth for the future, but not forever. Even that, even planet Earth and our star, the sun is going to die. That's 5 billion years from now, so by then we will be living somewhere else if all goes well. I wish that people could think bigger on a day-to-day basis. Because if more people did, we could focus on the things that actually matter and achieve much more progress. We owe scientist so much and I think it's time for the average citizen to give something back.

Through the movement that I have decided to call Environmentalistic fashion, we could possibly achieve all of this and even if we don't, I don't see how it could hurt to try this. It's highly logical, in fact the only thing I'm doing that's new is to express all these ideas in my own unique way. It's not as if avarage citizens couldn't have come up with the same conclusions, it's not as if I'm a genious and that's just another reason why I feel passionately about it. Isn't it ridiculous that we're not already doing what I expressed in my previous article, my videos and my latest posts? You don't even have to pay any attention to me, we could still do this. I don't care either way, I just don't want to die, not yet. I want to be an angel and by that I mean dress up as one in a better world where I might get to stay for longer.

I tried to take/make a photo of my soul, it's this one down here. I think it's really cute and I love it. When I look at it I remember how I felt when I took it. Very much awake and happy and connected to myself on a spiritual and intellectual level, but it is just a photo of me. A photo of me and I am who I am. A philosopher, an artist, a kind person with a desire to help change the world for the better. There's nothing magical about it, unless you count love. Which I do. Love is magical to me because of how powerful it is. Love can shift mountains and I want to shift this mountain and maybe my idea won't ever come to life, but I made a decision to never give up.


Captain Nina