New portfolio photos

Team Models did decide to use two of my photos for my portfolio and whether they'll decide on using more of them- I don't know yet. I decided to take a look earlier today and there they were, which.. Does it make me into a photographer in a way? They're a bit strict at Team. Anyway, because of the situation we're in they told me that I could take new castingphotos of myself as well. My hair has gone lighter since I was at Gevir getting my balayage highlights in and that's why it's a good idea to get new castingphotos done, but I had my own internal reason for wanting to get new ones taken.

The photos from the last casting didn't turn out that great... I was dehydrated, cold, my lips looked colorless and dry and because of some difficult life events my weight wasn't really where it's usually at either. Which really goes to show how much of a difference looking after and taking care of ourselves makes! Getting two new photos in my portfolio might help me to finally get some new bookings and also these new castingphotos- if they approve them. I don't know yet, whether they will or not. I really hope so. These are the two photos that they added to my portfolio though.

& these are the new castingphotos that I just sent them! I'm really happy with these. So, castingphotos are basically just photos of models that are shown to potential clients that might want to book the model for a shoot. It could be any kind of shoot, so the models aren't wearing any makeup and have to wear something skintight and dark so that the clients can get a proper look at the raw material so to speak. A proper look at what he or she has got to work with.

There's a new option in the menu on this site named "Portfolio", you'll find all of these photos there and I'll keep adding to it if there's anything new. I also opened the "Photoshoots" category again eventhough there are only like three posts in it and there's nothing new in it.

This one is my favourite. I look confident.

I find that I've struggled with my self-esteem ever since I got into this stuff, but in every aspect of life I find that a positive attitude and the ability to believe in myself are the most helpful tools I've got to work with. So it's just a matter of reminding myself to be my own personal cheerleader no matter what life throws my way! 💕

✨🎀 Go Nina! 🎀✨


Captain Nina