I mentioned how I was meeting with our director Eduard today, we planned to meet at Sentralen early in the morning, which is where we've held most of our performances. Our next play by Karel Capek called RUR will also premiere here and that's one of the reasons why we'd scheduled a meeting. Eduard has given me one of the main roles again and that's what we needed to talk about.

I love this place, this looks like the moving staircase from Hogwarts! The architecture is amazing. We talked about other things too, his ambition with a new concept called "Scenedelta".

I remember standing on this exact staircase years ago, after the first show. Now I've come so far and I even moved strangers to tears through my performance the last time we were here. We'll be back here in November to do some additional performances of that same play because it was so well recieved. It's this sad fairytale and I had one of the main roles as a princess.

I'm always struggling to explain our theatre in a way that others will understand. We're a special group with a variety of different people. Some of us have experience and others don't. Our aim is to create a good theatre performance and we're independent, but we're still connected to the hospital Ullevål here in Norway and some of our members have either struggled with a mental illness in the past or are still struggling. Others might call us an amateur theatre, but having some kind of mental illness doesn't mean you can't be a talented artist. In fact, to quote Alice and The mad hatter from Alice in wonderland

The mad hatter - Have I gone mad?

Alice - I'm afraid so. You're entirely bonkers. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.