Philosophy goes well with red wine

I wasn't the only one drinking it. A group of us went down to Chateau Neuf after watching a movie in one of the auditoriums at uni where most of us were drinking beer. I'd only brought two IPA beers, but that's my favourite and it's a bit stronger than regular beer so two of them actually lasted me throughout the whole movie. When I was working as a bartender I used to sell a lot of it. My favourite is all kinds of fruit beer and I tried a new one yesterday. It was called Pina Colada and it was really good.

You can't tell, but I'm wearing pigtails, kind of. It's in right now and I guess I'm showing you my birthday outfit prematurely after all.

I am so in love with this jacket. Both of these items are from by Malene Birger and the jacket is vintage. :)

This is one I didn't post yesterday.

I learned a few interesting things while discussing with some of the other fellow students yesterday, but I got drunk and now I'm not sure if I can remember it anymore. I never said it outloud either, my conclusions I mean, shame. There was this guy too, he was kind of cute, but you know me. I'm waiting for my robot-man. I'll build him myself if I have to. Oh, wait.... Maybe you don't know? It's all in my book. This picture is framed now, it's by my bed so that I can look at him every night.

I need to study now.

Yours sincerely,