I'm trying to talk myself out of getting Halo Top icecream after this, it's a miracle that I haven't gained weight. The amount of protein in this dish is ridiculous! I've been working out at the gym a lot lately, I got a new membership and I love it because it's basically right outside my door and it's really fancy so I've loved going there, but even with all of that exercise this is still way too much protein. It contained at least 80 grams of protein! That's sick. The recommended amount of protein per day for the average sedentary man is 56 grams. xD

These sweet potato tortilla chips with quinoa are great! It's got about the same amount of calories as regular cornchips, but not the same amount of nutriton. This is far better for you, containing both fibre, protein, less salt and less fat.

I wasn't going to use so many eggs for my meat replacement, but loads more of the eggs smashed and I had to just toss those in too, plus I wanted to try this new spice mix and as you can see it say's "with soy protein" and they really mean it. It's extremely high in protein, but eggs aside, that's really cool actually! I mean, what a simple way for vegetarians like me to bulk up their tofu or bean mixture or whatever. So easy.

There were eight eggs in there by the end of it... Eight.

This low-fat, low-sugar dressing has protein in it too, but hey. At the end of the day, my dinner tasted amazing and I didn't feel heavy or weighed down afterwards, which is one of the best things about eating vegetarian food, from a selfish perspective. It just feels better.

Oh and I also got sugarfree soda of course, Diet Coke which is my favourite, since it was a Saturday and all. If you want to try this dish I recommend removing just a few of the eggs, or using only half of the protein spice mix in addition to adding a lot of cummin, which is a very nice spice often used in dishes like taco. Because the protein spice mix was a bit bland, but the tortilla chips are really nice and they made up for it. I could eat them alone as a snack for sure.

(Edit 18.03.22); I still had an intolerance to most legumes at the time when this post was written, including black beans and the soya that this meat replacement was based on, it's just that I didn't know what was causing me pain. Now I know, so I wouldn't make this again for myself, I would exchange the soya-bean mix with fried sweet potato for example, but I thought that this was a good post so I don't see the point in deleting it. Someone else might still find it inspiring eventhough I can't eat this.