Any effort counts, because if everyone thought like that, our small efforts would become big. I decided to try out some new vegan products today for breakfast!

This is vanilla soymilk, my favourite which I would chose over regular milk any day, a new vanilla flavoured vegan yoghurt that's high in protein and low in fat, a new vegan cheese and also this new spread that's made from chickpeas and smoked paprika. There's also one made from chicpeas and avocado that I've tried earlier and one more that's made with beetroot which I have yet to try. Vegan butter is easy to come by and I recommend getting this type of wholegrain bread if you're a vegetarian or a vegan because the seeds are a good source of protein, healthy fats and nutrients and the bread itself will of course offer fibre which is so important! I can't express the importance of fibre enough.

This was my first time trying vegan cheese ever! I've always wanted to try it, but it was difficult to come by and those I did encounter were very expensive. Norway seems to be slow on the uptake, but it's here now and I've tried it and guess what? It tastes exactly like regular cheese! It smells like real cheese and even the texture is exactly like real cheese. It's supposed to melt on a pizza or whatever in just the same way and I haven't tried that yet, but I will. On the downside and that's a big downside to me, there's no protein in it. Absolutely nothing. As a vegetarian or a vegan that's something that's difficult to come by so these type of replacements really should offer a good source of protein, but all in all a really good product. I'll definetely be buying it again and it was a bit expensive, but it wasn't that bad. Other regular cheeses that are a bit "fancy" cost about the same, so I guess it's OK.

The "vegetable spread" was just OK. They're such liars... It say's it's made from 94% vegetables and chickpeas are legumen, not vegetables... When I tried the one with the avocado it was even more of a lie because avocado is a fruit and not a vegetable. The flavour was OK. It's not as good as the vegan cheese, but it's OK. On the downside, it comes in a very, very small jar. The ingredients are cheap and you need a large amount of this spread to be able to tell that it's even there which makes the product expensive.

The vegan yoghurt was much better! I've actually been waiting for it for so long... I wanted it five years ago. I envisioned it, just like this, inside my imagination it was even from this brand, Alpro. A high in protein, vanilla flavoured vegan yoghurt that was thick just like greek yoghurt and now it's here and it's exactly right. My tip is to be careful with these type of vegan products though, they're often high in sugar, but this one checked all the boxes, because eventhough there's some sugar in it, it's not much at all and the flavour is still good. Fresh and sweet!

I hope you liked this post.