I'm going to play around with my look, adding more secondhand pieces until I figure out what the more "adult" version of Nina really looks like. Both the coat and the dress is secondhand. The coat is from Topshop originally and I'm wearing a basic black dress by a brand that I'm not familiar with. The purse is the most expensive item, it cost me 150$. It's by Nunoo and I don't think it does much for this outfit, but black goes with everything, right?

I don't know. I'm just going through something, I need a change of some sort and I just thought that in stead of wasting a lot of money on clothes while trying to figure out exactly what it is that I need, that I can just play dress-up in someone elses old clothes. It's better for the environment too, but I really needed a new handbag. I'm just not too sure about the velvet anymore. I'm not sure if velvet is "me", which just goes to show that I was right. That one is not to waste money on clothes while within this mindspace. Is mindspace even a word?

Yours sincerely,

model on a budget.