Simply true love NB: gooey alert

Good things can take time. I like it when people use my name. I like putting on perfume. I have to be careful so I don't put on too much just for the sake of the act of putting on perfume. I like my best friend. I like partyhats and lights that make the room look colorful. I like going to my hairdresser at the poshest mall in town eventhough it's too expensive for me Sometimes I go to the mall only to look at the clothes that sparkle and the handbags made with real pearls. I've always loved pearls. I prefer them to diamonds. I love my friend. I've said that I was happy before, in a poem, but now it goes all the way through me. I'm happy! I like getting popcorn and candy at the cinema. I like being naked, sometimes, not always. I like bathtubs and jacuzzis because I love being submerged in water. I like stuffed animals and unicorns. I like it when we kiss. I like it when I can feel your weight on top of me because it's reassuring to feel that you exist physically. I like it when you tell me to go to bed and somehow I do as I'm told when you tell me to go to bed. It makes me wonder. It makes me safe.

Waiting for him to arrive, just me, my fucked up yet awsome partyhat and one million butterflies 🦋🦋

My phone is actually better for this kind of stuff... You know, I obviously run this... blog, but I still don't like asking people to take my picture. I just don't like the thought of making the people around me feel like I'm asking them to do something that would make them feel, Idk bad? Dunno if they would and sometimes I ask anyway, but I tend to feel awkward about it so for the most part I avoid it. The camera on my phone is really good though.

Yes, it's a real starfish. Among more, including seasalt. I call it "salty hat". It's the first creation of Utopia designs. (It's saltey!) With many more fabulous hats to come, possibly none.

(My hair is so much better! I can't wait to be a blondie with long balayaged hair, but the longer I wait to get my highlights retouched for real- the better. My natural hair is very thick, but too much bleach is still a bad idea and I know I've been harping on about my hair and it growing longer and getting healthier and all of that while it seems like nothing's been happening to the length. But it really does take forever when it's been damaged badly. It's pretty healthy now and I've been excited about every stage of the process, but it's been a painstakingly long one.

This man that I'm so taken up with, he's actually never seen me with naturally long hair except in pictures, I had waist length hair almost straight before we met, but he never got to see it and I hope he'll get to see me with waist long hair in the future because I've always preferred it long.

Another reason why I'm excited about this prospect is because I've tried out nearly every hairstyle and color you can think of, but the one ting that I've never had is long blonde hair! Plus, that's always been my favourite look too. I'm bi and girls with long blonde hair used to be a weakness of mine up until I met this man that was to be the first serious thing I'd ever had with anybody, well almost first, I guess I can count in a few other experiences as well as semi-serious. Anyway, I can't pull off anything way too light, but with the balayage tecnique I'll be able to pull off a honey shade of a more natural blonde just like how the sun would highlight my hair in the summer when I was a child. So I'll be going a little bit lighter (when the time comes), but not that much.)

For me! ❤️💕 Confectionary. The best kind and also, as it happens, my favourite...

It's japanese. Just bursting with flavour. It's a kind of curry on top of lean chicken breasts that have been wrapped in something like breadcrumbs. The curry is made with some pretty vegetables, honey and too many spices for me to remember, including fresh ginger. Prince charming cooked it for us and I helped. It was romantic. He's such a gentleman in every way (when he wants to be haha), is there any wonder that I want him now just as much as I have wanted him ever since the moment we met? The first time we met was just like a movie and sometimes I find that I'm still in it. Love at first sight is a real thing, because that's what it was like for me, so I'm the proof. That moment, when I noticed him standing close to me everything and everyone else disappeared. He was the most beutiful person I'd ever seen and we were happy. Everything that followed that night was perfect. I have relived that moment, many times.

He's the one who named Tjommi and that's one of the reasons why I love Tjommi so much.

I wish you knew how handsome, intelligent and truly good he is. Humans like him, they're very rare to come by. I'm not arrogant and when people understand me in that way, they're misinterpreting my character. Whenever I'm confident it's genuine and hard-earned, but I do know that I'm pretty.

I'm not the prettiest girl in the world, but I'm still pretty. I'm a model and this man... Let's just say that we go together. Looks aren't everything, but though I love him for his mind and his soul and wouldn't mind growing old with him in the least bit, the physical attraction has always been out of this world. Irresistible.

We go together. I remember how, to begin with, when we had only just started dating and we were out in public. Maybe it's a little bit narcissistic or even lame to mention it, but it's still true... Strangers actually stopped to comment on what an attractive couple we were and asked us how long we'd been a couple and we had to explain that we'd only just met. Because whatever it was that was between us was so intense that others seemed to pick up on it.

We became a couple shortly after, then it fell apart because of something painful and I learned many things. It took a long time and it hurt, a lot. Now I know that I can't control what happens and that I can only make the best of it and love myself and others in the right way. Cherish the moments. Life itself.

What's money? What's power or beauty, but for a moment of life? He's not the only thing that makes me happy, but if we'd never met I might never have learned just how good life can be.

I remember one of the first times we kissed, about three years ago. We were outside on a picnic, it was summer. All the blood inside my veins roared and rushed through me, until it all settled, right there and I was so surprised by the reaction that I laughed. He smells amazing to me. I'm so attracted to his scent that, well, you could compare it to a cat reacting to catnip. Memories, so many memories, like straight from a romantic novel. Like art. Like beautiful music. Memories that I will carry with me until the day I die. They belong to those few, the most valuable possessions of mine.

You turn people into better people. You help people for real when you care about someone. When you do something, you do it wholeheartedly and I always knew that you were worth it. You speak the truth or act when others won't. Aspects of you, they feel like that sense of home that I always wanted. Or like the father that I never had, in a way. You're my best friend and no matter how you want to fit into my life, I will be there and it will be fine. I healed and you helped me do that.

I was tortured, to the point where everything turned white, but now I'm happy and it's just right how it almost makes it feel as if all of that pain, that it was never real. You gave me all of these golden memories and I want to make more memories with you. We've learned to get to know eachother and I believe that we'll be good to eachother.

Alas! There was no room left for these anyway, but I think that the paprika makes them look fun. I think this whole post looks quite fun tbh and it's probably because yesterday was fun. It was a dream come true!

I'm supposed to bend my focus over to schoolwork now, it's going to be difficult, but I got to. My first exam is next week! It consists of two essays, they're extremely difficult and I have to work on them from here on out. No more fun until the exams are over. It's not that I regret everything that I've learned, but I probably wouldn't have picked this particular subject if I'd known how incredibly difficult it was. The other two are normal, but this one is quite a challenge. I guess I'll just have to go: Ī ko -and cheer myself on. I'm sure it will be fine.

Maybe this is my happy... Beginning?