Since last time

The next photos are studysnacks I got because I was taking my exams and I didn't eat this all at once.

(Wrote this a while ago, it has taken me forever to finish this post because I've been busy.)

Now the exams are over and the city has opened up again. We've been out to eat, I've been out with friends, I was just out having a glass of wine with a friend in the blasting sun yesterday. I celebrated the 17th of May with my boyfriend and his family at Nordstrand and everybody was so nice to me. It wasn't the first time I came to dinner, but I was still a bit nervous. Other than that I've started redecorating my room, painting it and everything. I got my exam in an introduction to astrophysics back, still waiting for the other two. I passed!

These are some fun sodas I got recently.

Gresham College on youtube publish real lecture recordings and many of them are very interesting. I just wanted to let you know because they're free.

It's Saturday, but I'm home alone for once and it doesn't matter that I have no plans tonight because I'm exhausted after a really long day and all I want is to watch documentaries and eat ice cream. I'll show you my room once it's finished :) We got a new dining room table though and I'm waiting for the most gorgeous service soon in porcelain. I have so many happy meals planned and I can't wait to get started!

It consists of three parts: Soup bowls, dinner plates and smaller plates. This is the tabletop, the table is a lot bigger than this square though. It's also the same as the one in the photo of the sodas. I ordered cutlery from Christiania Glasmagasin that goes perfectly with the new service and I'm also getting placemats, possibly in something like crystal that are custom made, but I haven't decided yet. Either way I'm already very happy with this. I'm going to cook real dinners like my grandmother does with fish and potatoes, sauce and vegetables and much more.