This was my breakfast, smashed avocado on toasted wholegrain bread and my favourite, vanilla soymilk. I only managed three of these avocado toasts, so I brought the fourth one with me to the gym. I've really struggled with being a vegetarian ever since this summer and I confess that I ate meat not long ago, but ever since I started taking these vitamin supplements I've been feeling better so I hope it won't happen again... It's the effort that counts, right? Now I'm taking all my B vitamins, one multivitamin and vegan omega 3 capsules in addition to the hair-growth vitamin.

Yep... It really is autumn now ^_^

I love my local gym, I love how it's so close to my apartment that I can literally just roll out of bed and be there for a morning workout in less than five minutes.

This really has been the perfect Sunday. Only lying. I feel lonely. Life isn't perfect. Bye.